4 Items That Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage

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Many people utilize storage units to keep their items safe. That being said, certain items benefit from being stored in a climate controlled unit. Storage units are definitely popular within the United States. In fact, 8.96% of all households in the United States rent some form of a self storage unit. Here are four types of items that benefit from being contained within a climate controlled storage facility.

  1. Collectible Paper Items

    There is a wide range of items made of paper including newspapers, comic books, and magazines. In many cases, the value of paper items rises considerably in terms of price over time. However, it’s important that paper items are stored in a safe manner. Utilizing climate control storage is a wise solution for keeping paper collectibles safe and sound. On the other hand, leaving these items in an environment that isn’t climate controlled could mean these items wither and turn yellow.
  2. Discs

    While many people utilize streaming services to listen to music and movies, there is still a wide range of media items stored on discs. Items including CDs and DVDs are also used to store important photos and documents. With that in mind, it’s wise to utilize a climate controlled storage unit to keep these discs stored safely. Many people utilizing streaming services keep their discs safe in a self storage unit. In fact, there are about 58,000 self storage facilities located throughout the United States. Keeping discs inside of a climate controlled storage unit helps to prevent them from warping and becoming unusable.
  3. Fine Art

    Climate control storage not only keeps temperatures at the right levels, they also work to reduce the presence of mold. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to keep fine art items safely stored in climate controlled facilities. Fine art items can be particularly sensitive to humidity and mold. Considering that, a piece of valuable fine art can eventually become worthless if left in an unsafe environment.
  4. Electronic Equipment

    You likely know that electronic items are often upgraded within a home. Items including media players and computers can quickly become dated, making it advisable to purchase new technology. After purchasing new electronic equipment, older electronics are often hard to store in a home. In fact, statistics from 2007 that were gathered from a Self Storage Association study found that 50% of those using a self storage unit did so to store what couldn’t fit in their homes. Old and bulky electronic equipment are perfect items to keep safe within the confines of climate control storage.

To summarize, there are several important types of items that benefit from being stored in a climate controlled storage unit. Paper collectibles can change color and severely lose their value when stored in unsafe conditions. Many people have large collections of discs that are used to store music, movies, and photos. Unfortunately, storing discs in extreme climates can cause them to warp which makes them unusable. Some of the most treasured items within a home are pieces of fine art. If you want to keep fine art safe that is taking up extra space, it’s wise to utilize climate control storage. Many homes contain older pieces of electronic equipment that needs to be kept safe and not thrown away. A climate control storage facility is the perfect spot for keeping bulky electronic items safe from humidity and mold.

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