5 Creative Retail Display Ideas

Are you looking for creative retail display ideas that won’t cost you a fortune to implement? Every day, the average consumer sees 3,000 ads and promotions, so it’s more important than ever that you stand out from the crowd. It really matters what you put in those acrylic display risers or brochure display racks. You’ve got your regular display stands and price tags all in order. Now, how do you stand out? Here are some creative retail display ideas to help you do just that.

What’s Old Is New Again

There are all kinds of things you can repurpose for creative retail display ideas. Old books make a unique display. You don’t have to go buy these, either. Lots of libraries will be giving away their older books on a regular basis, and sometimes you can find them at estate sales and even in trash bins for nearly nothing.

While you’re using old things, try some old glass, too. Clean glass in varying colors can make an interesting stand for displaying all kinds of items. Fill them with Christmas lights and you can use them to highlight a display of something you want people to notice.

Show a Whole Theme

If you’re showing off a particular article of clothing, for example, don’t just put up three half-mannequins with the same shirt in three colors. Put up a whole mannequin and use it to illustrate exactly how the shirt can be paired with trousers, skirt, or accessories. People will be more likely to buy if they can envision how a whole theme could work.

Want your display to really stand out? Use the same shirt for two or three different mannequins in entirely different and creative ways. Show customers with differing tastes that the same shirt can work for more than one person.

Make People Want to Interact

Ever seen a slightly bored-looking grocery store bag boy trying to get people to try a slice of some new product? Watched people avoiding the kid like the plague? Those are interactive retail display ideas gone wrong. You do want people to interact with a product, but you need to do it right.

First, get someone engaging to man the station, but not someone who will forcibly drag people over. No one wants that! Second, while you certainly have to observe proper hygiene, make sure the station doesn’t look like minor surgery might be happening there. Even a more interesting apron and some colored gloves can do wonders.

Spark Some Curiosity

You’ve got a new product, so make sure that people can see exactly how it’s used. Set up a display that makes it easy to identify the purpose of the product you’re selling. Creative retail display ideas in this area could include using a mannequin, setting up a mock kitchen, or anything else that could draw in customers and help them see at a glance how a new product could be beneficial for them.

Encourage a Longer Stay

Of course, you want people to stay in your store for as long as possible. You want them to browse absolutely everything. You got two problems, though. First, in certain stores, customers are wise to the way its arranged to try to force them to look at everything. If they go there often, they know how to game the system. Instead of just trying to force them to wander through every section in order to get to what they want, try making it convenient for them to find the things they need and use creative retail display ideas to get their attention.

The second problem is when shoppers come in groups. One person may really enjoy browsing, but if they are accompanied by someone who hates to shop, that second person is going to drag the first one out the door faster than you want. You can fix this by providing some comfortable seating areas, equipped with Wi-Fi, where bored partners can enjoy themselves and the potential spenders can spend more time browsing.

These are just a few creative retail display ideas that will hopefully help you think outside the box and get your ideas flowing as you design better displays for your own retail store.

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