5 Things to Remember When Looking at Industrial Rental Warehouses

Whether you’re expanding your business or just need an extra-spacious storage facility, looking for warehouse space for rent is a process that many business owners and managers find themselves in. Industrial rental warehouses are available in most urban, suburban and even many rural areas.

But not all warehouses were created equal, and just like any real estate venture, the process of finding a warehouse to rent can be a difficult and tedious one. Don’t let yourself get caught up in all the stress, and just remember to keep these five tips in mind when looking at industrial rental warehouses.

1. Shop For Your Needs

Many warehouses were constructed with different intended uses and were converted into rental space, meaning that not all industrial rental warehouses are fit for all uses. If you are going to need massive amounts of energy and electricity, make sure that the building you’re looking at is capable of handling it. Likewise, square footage can be a concern when it comes to storing huge quantities or large items. Make sure you have specific figures in mind so you can see how the warehouse you’re viewing shapes up.

2. What’s Covered in the Lease?

Make sure to always pay attention to and take into account what is and isn’t covered by your landlord in the lease. Repairs and regular maintenance are often the responsibility of the landlord, but this isn’t always the case! Make sure to carefully read through your entire lease to avoid being saddled with expenses you weren’t expecting.

3. Location is Everything

Regardless of whether you’re looking at industrial rental warehouses for retail purposes, industrial purposes, or storage, you’ll want to keep in mind the location of the warehouse when it comes to zoning laws. For example, you can’t start up a factory in the middle of a retail-based zone. Make sure to find out what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your rental.

4. You Absolutely Must Visit Several Options

As with all other kinds of commercial leases, don’t stop after looking at one rental space. No matter how much you liked it, you need to at least compare a few options before making your final decision. Just because you’re looking at warehouse space for rent doesn’t mean you should cut corners. Think of it just the same as if you were renting a new home.

5. Keep Your Options Open, If You Can

Pricing of industrial rental warehouses can vary vastly from region to region. If you’re in a position to relocate to a region that might be cheaper for you, it’s not a bad idea to keep it in mind. Not everyone has the luxury of mobility, so you may have to work with what you have in your area. That being said, it’s still possible to find great leases in any area if you look hard enough.

Those are our five tips on searching for industrial rental space. Do you have any other ideas or recommendations to share? Put your thoughts out there in the comments section, and thanks for reading!

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