5 Ways to Celebrate a 10 Year Work Anniversary

You’ll find that positive changes often happen in the workplace when workers are recognized for the work they do. In fact, statistics show that 86% of companies that have some form of employee recognition program see an increase in terms of overall employee happiness. Throughout the course of a typical day, police officers risk their lives to serve and protect. Considering that, it’s important that police officers that reach milestones are celebrated. With that in mind, here are five ways to celebrate police officers reaching their 10 year milestone on the force.

  • Have an Award Made

    If you really want to let an officer know how special they are, consider giving out a 10 years service award. These awards are some of the most thoughtful and popular police appreciation gifts. A 10 years service award can feature custom inscriptions, personalized to show each officer know how much they are valued. In turn, you’ll likely have officers excited about obtaining a 15 years service award while on your force.
  • Pass a Card Around the Office

    It’s often nice for employees celebrating work anniversaries to have the support of fellow colleagues. With that in mind, consider having work colleagues sign and pass around a card. Just be sure that this is done in a manner that doesn’t tip off the person celebrating their upcoming anniversary.
  • Get a Nice Cake Ready

    Statistics gathered from a 2015 Psychometrics study found that 58% of those surveyed felt their leaders could increase employee engagement by giving recognition. Considering that, having a cake for someone celebrating 10 years service benefits everyone in the workplace. This allows workers to enjoy a delicious snack while being able to take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of a typical workday. In addition, this dessert easily allows you or a baker to add the person’s name and what is being celebrated on the cake.
  • Gift Cards are Popular Gift Ideas

    If you want to throw something extra in for an employee that’s been with the force for a decade, consider having everyone go in on a gift card. This is a gift that you can rest assured will be used. In addition, it’s nice for an officer to go home with more than one gift on this special day. However, you’ll want to have someone who knows the employee in question extremely well to choose what kind of gift card to purchase.
  • Consider Making a Commemorative Shadow Box

    In addition to a 10 years service award, a shadow box makes for a great gift. You’ll find that these can be completed by an especially crafty person that works with you. Shadow boxes typically feature a picture of the person in addition to items that represent them. The possibilities are seemingly endless while creating a shadow box.

In closing, there are several great ways to celebrate a police officer who has obtained 10 years of service on the force. Of course, one of the best ways to do this is by giving an officer a 10 years service award. These awards can be made to your specifications and work well to make an officer feel truly appreciated. In addition, it’s always important to have a cake and card prepared for the special officer. If there are crafty colleagues nearby, consider having them put together a commemorative shadow box.

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