A Look At How To Stay Comfortable And Even Avoid Back Pain In The Typical Office Environment

Working in an office setting is, typically, far from a job that is physically strenuous. Unfortunately, however, sitting day after day in the same position, in the same chair, and in the same location can certainly take its toll. As a result, many office workers are left with sometimes crippling back pain that ranges from a mere inconvenience (though still certainly far from a pleasant one) to a full fledged disability, one that can even prevent them from being able to work to the level and time commitments than they were prior to experiencing such levels of pain, particularly back pain. In fact, in the year of 2001, now more than fifteen years in the past, already one million people in total were suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and pain problems that were found to be directly related to work. And not only was this detrimental to their overall quality of life, greatly reducing it in the vast majority of cases, but it also cost the companies and businesses they worked for a good deal of money in lost time and productivity, as much as fifty four billion dollars (and no fewer than forty five billion dollars) when all was said and done. And all of this happened in the time span of just one single year. In the intervening decade plus some years since, this problem has, unfortunately, not been solved and many employees all throughout the entirety of the country of the United States suffer from back pain and related problems on a daily basis.

On the plus side, there are small steps that even the lowest level employee should be able to take to at least help to mitigate their risk of developing such pain. Floor mats such as vinyl chair mats and thick chair mats present a way to reduce some of the pressure felt in the feet, which is directly tied to the health of the spine. The introduction and widespread use of vinyl chair mats has even been increasing in the past few years, as it becomes easier and easier to shop online, even for those suffering from the worst of all back pain. In fact, online furniture sales, particularly that of office furniture such as vinyl chair mats or office desk floor mats, has now skyrocketed to a total market worth that extends past twelve billion dollars in total – a number that is only predicted and anticipated to grow in the years that are to come.

And there is so much variety to choose from when it comes to your office floor mat. You can choose from vinyl chair mats to clear office chair mats, and there is even often the option to get a custom office chair mat, allowing you to design you chair mat (or even vinyl chair mats) to hold the greatest comfort and support for your feet. And perhaps the purchase of vinyl chair mats is only being used to supplement even greater comfort. If you have the funds to do so, it is also a good idea to even look into the purchase of a brand new chair, one that has the type of support that you might be in need of. Just having the right chair is likely to have a hugely positive impact on the overall health of your spine – and everything that is connected to it as well. Along with this brand new chair, many people will also even consider purchasing massage mats that can be attached to the chair. Though this can sometimes be a bit of a splurge, many people decide that it is well worth it for the benefits of pain relief that it so often is able to bring on a very consistent basis. It could even help to limit the chance of further back problems developing down the road for the typical office worker, and is well worth the small investment in many a case, particularly in those where day to day back pain has become severe and even seriously debilitating.

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