A Look At The Common Occurrence Of Back Pain Among Office Employees In The United States

Many people all throughout the United States and in many different professional fields find themselves working in offices. Though the location and the actual job may vary, it is also very true that desk jobs such as the ones that are done by people working in offices in the United States can lead to a number of health problems – particularly musculoskeletal and back problems – as they all too often lead to employees sitting, often hunched over, staring at their computer screens. And though this lifestyle does not require much physical exertion overall, this can actually be hugely detrimental the overall health of each individual employee, leading them into a more sedentary lifestyle and promoting unhealthy postures and positions which their skeletal system will become accustomed to and suffer the consequences of over the course of time. In fact, data gathered by the National Research council in the year of 2001 found that as many as one million people were at the time suffering from some type of musculoskeletal disorder as a direct result of their jobs. Since that year, in the more than fifteen years that have now passed by, this number has only continued to increase and to climb. And it not only have a detrimental effect on the average employee – in fact, this is far from the case. In that same year of 2001, as mauch as fifty four billion dollars – and no less than an estimated forty five billion dollars – was lost by companies all over the country of the United States as a direct result of work related musculoskeletal disorders that had been sustained over the course of time by their employees. In the years since, much the like the number of musculoskeletal disorders and conditions themselves, this number has only continued to climb.

Fortunately, there are steps that the average office employee can take to prevent themselves from developing a musculoskeletal condition – or preventing a condition that they already having from becoming worse over the course of time as it passes on. These solutions are often tied to the industry for office furniture in the United States, which has made more than forty six billion dollars in sales over the course of this current year, of 2018, alone. Solutions found in the furniture industry can include buying an entirely new desk chair. This will allow the typical office worker to purchase a chair that provides much more back support and encourages proper posture, both factors that will help to reduce the risks of developing a musculoskeletal condition and putting the employee in what often amounts to a great deal of pain, as unfortunate as that is.

But, unfortunately, many office workers do not have the funds to spend on a brand new office chair. In these cases, the use of office floor mats for chairs can be helpful. It must be noted that office floor mats for chairs are certainly not a cure for back and spinal problems, but they can certainly help to reduce their frequency as well as to alleviate pain that is already being felt. And office floor mats for chairs come in many varieties, from the standard hard floor chair mat to the vinyl chair mat. And whether or not you prefer an extra large chair mat or even a carpet chair mat, there are so many office floor mats for chairs currently available that there is likely to be at least one out of the many office floor mats for chairs that speaks to you and adequately suits your needs as an office employee who is potentially already dealing with back as well as musculoskeletal pain.

Back pain is certainly not uncommon among office employees in many areas of work in the country of the United States alone, and this back and musculoskeletal pain can be debilitating. Fortunately, office floor mats for chairs provide one very viable solution for office workers all throughout the entire country.

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