Document Shredding, Shredding Companies, and Everything In Between

Any business that does not have a secure data storage center or document shredding services is making a grave mistake. Many people think that identity theft only takes place with random people and individuals. That is not true at all. As a matter of fact, there are businesses across the country suffering from serious identity theft each year.

In the year 2016, a staggering one in every sixteen adults in the United States suffered from identity theft. Keep in mind that between the years of 2015 and 2016, the percentage of identity theft situations rose by nearly 16%. As a result, it is likely that unsecure corporations without document shredding can suffer from identity theft.

It is not expensive to invest in document shredding. Instead, it is actually incredibly cheap and incredibly intelligent. It is a decision that absolutely no business owner will ever forget, regret, or dislike. Here are all of the facts and information on shredding companies, shredding services, and how to purge documents.

Identity Theft Is Incredibly Dangerous For Businesses

A one-in-33 chance of getting your identity stolen during the next year is possible. This information comes directly from the Federal Trade Commission and therefore, it is reputable and a verified fact. Therefore, businesses need to realize that they can be taken advantage of by a criminal looking to steal an identity.

One of the fastest growing crime in all of the United States is, unfortunately, identity theft. For criminals, this is a $50 billion a year industry in which they can make a lot of money. So businesses need to understand that criminals work hard to steal businesses identity and important information. As a result, they need to invest in the very best document shredding services.

In the United States, there is nearly $48 billion lost to corporate identity theft. Therefore, businesses are going to lose a ridiculous amount of money just simply from someone stealing their documents. The most common way a data is stolen is through paperwork that is not shredded! So it is absolutely essential for businesses to hire shredding companies to help them out.

Document Shredding Can Potentially Prevent Identity Theft

A staggering 90% of all identity thefts will utilize information that is taken from a print source. this goes against the common stereotype of identity theft. Most people believe that the easiest way to steal information is by using the internet and technology. However, that is not true at all. Instead, the most dangerous part of identity theft is not getting rid of paperwork with business’ information and more.

The 2015 Data Security Incident Response Report by law firm BakerHostetler revealed that one in five breaches that the firm handled in 2014 involved paper records. Paper records that are not shredded and properly disposed of can really cost a business. It is so dangerous to not get rid of documents with bank account information, staffing information, and more.

According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Government documents/benefits fraud, at nearly 34, was the most common form of reported identity theft. Do not let your business fall victim to a harmful and absolutely dangerous crime. This can potentially derail any success your business has had in the past!

In Conclusion

In the year 2015, there were nearly 312 data breaches with businesses that harmed the lives of over 16 million people. These people are going to suffer greatly and their finances are jeopardized in the process. In that same year, there were 277 data breaches in medical and healthcare facilities that harmed the lives of nearly 113 million people. Businesses across the country need to properly protect their workers and all valuable financial information from harm with the best document shredding services.

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