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  • 10.5 million tons of clothing go to landfills each year.

There are some statistics that show just how much Americans give to charity. In fact, Americans as a whole give more to charity than the rest of the world combined. It is around 1% of all American income, which goes to organizations like the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and more.

Sometimes this monetary value goes a bit further when it comes to material items. A person may donate a certain amount of income to an organization but donations that are physical items play a role as well. There are many organizations that accept physical donations, such as clothes, goods, couches, and more.

The positive thing about physical donations are that they are often used to help other people. This is the case with the American Red Cross, which takes clothing donations and food donations and uses them to help people who have been affected by issues like natural disasters.

Clothing is an item that people donate frequently. People can donate clothing to the American Red Cross, as stated before, as well as Goodwill and the Salvation Army, among other organizations. Clothing is popular as a donation because most people have clothing, including clothing that is worn out or a person doesn’t want to use anymore.

Americans have a great deal of clothing, generally one article of clothing for every day of the month, and even though people can donate it to organizations, they still throw a great deal of clothing out every year. This clothing goes to landfills where it is no longer usable for people who want to wear them.

The clothing donations that people make have a couple of practical purposes. First, they can be written as tax donations off on a person’s tax return for the year. This means that a person can deduct the taxable amount of income they have from the deduction that came from the donation and save some money.

Then, of course, clothing donations go to helping people who need clothes. This is the case with the superstores of used clothing at Goodwill and the Salvation Army, among other stores. Used clothing donations go to those who cannot afford clothes at new prices or can afford clothes at all.

Many of these clothing donations go to helping out the homeless population or the population that cannot afford new clothing. This means that clothing can go to the guy around the corner who has no shoes or that person on the street with a rip in his shirt. There are articles for females as well.

The American Red Cross uses clothing to help with disaster relief efforts. Donated clothing to them goes to clothes for people who have been a part of a natural disaster, where they might not have any clothes left or are just wearing what’s on their back. These individuals need help and the clothing helps them.

The Salvation Army and Goodwill cater directly to population’s that cannot afford clothing. As has been said, clothing donations can go to the homeless population or any population that has little expendable money and must buy their clothes for a lower cost. There are some people who even go to these stores for deals.

Charity foundations are foundations that give money to nonprofits and can help with major issues. Charity foundations can issue thousands if not millions of dollars to charity organizations they deem feasible. Charity foundations can be run by an individual with a board of individuals.

Donating to charities is one way to help a disadvantaged population. In the case of the American Red Cross, this is the disaster affected population. In the case of Goodwill or the Salvation Army, these are lower income populations. Donating helps and is tax deductible. Charity foundations can help as well.

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