Drug Testing And Paternity Testing In Houston Helped Companies Identify The 7 Million Non Medical Drug Users During 2010

Drug screening houston

Dealing with the one out of every five workers, heard the US Department of Labor, that claim to have to spend more time working extra hours, covering for another worker or going back to finish or correct tasks for a coworker that drinks all mean that alcohol on the job a problem. A background check houston employers can trust may not guarantee that the employer screens for alcohol issues, but having a drug free program often includes banning alcohol use on the clock. A criminal background check is usually a good start for screening and filtering out alcoholic or drug abusing employees, and drug testing in Houston can help employers minimize the risk that comes with hiring one of the 22.6 million Americans that are 12 years or older that claim to have taken illicit drugs per month, according to a 2011 survey. More than one out of five teenagers today admits to getting high on their own or with friends. Being a Houston employer means putting safety first for your employees, especially since 8 percent of full time American employees are known drug abusers.

Laboratories in Houston provide other services as well. If you require genetic testing in Houston, online research should help you find excellent labs for paternity tests. Some paternity testing in Houston is affordable, though paternity testing in Houston can also be expensive. Weigh your options by contacting multiple labs and comparing their rates for paternity testing in Houston.

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