Here’s How Directional Boring Has Changed Construction Projects

By 2022, the global horizontal directional drilling industry is projected to grow to about $14.95 billion. This technology was first developed in the 1920s, and has only improved over the years. When a new process comes along in a major industry, it must solve problems that the original method could not.

The Many Applications of Directional Drilling Services.

The original method of drilling worked by breaking ground in just one direction: straight down. This works fine when the technicians know exactly where they need to drill. It is also fine for wide open spaces where the drill bit can easily be put directly down over the site. However, on construction projects it is often times necessary to make adjustments as the work progresses. Directional drilling allows for this in multiple applications on construction projects.

Why Is Directional Boring So Helpful In Construction Projects For Oil and Gas Drilling?

Directional drilling in construction jobs are preferred because this method is able to drill wells at multiple angles to reach and produce gas and oil reserves. Compared to traditional methods of drilling, directional drilling methods can actually produce up to twice the amount of gas and oil extracted. Gas and oil reserves can be difficult to reach in some places. By changing the angle at which the drill can enter the pocket of gas or oil, it is possible to fully access all of the available resources without moving the drill each time.

Trenchless Drilling For Pipe Installation.

Laying pipes has historically been a big construction project. The process tears apart the upper levels of ground. After the pipes are laid, the rest of the work begins. In this case, the rest of the work is repairing the significant damage of the topsoil. This second, smaller job is usually why it can be time consuming expensive to lay pipes. However with directional drilling it is possible to make just one or two drill holes to funnel the pipes in carefully. Less damage from the start means a shorter project timeline.

Directional drilling is a wonderful method for most construction projects. It is not only a superior method of accessing natural resources. It is actually a timesaving practice for those jobs that take place in heavily populated areas. Less moving of the drill means less time on the project overall.

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