How Can Your Business Encourage More Impulse Buys? You Might Need To Revamp Your Sign Presence

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What’s in a sign? Just about everything, when you think about it.

Without a sign many customers wouldn’t even be able to find your business, much less browse your wares and net you those daily sales. Without meat price tags or brochure display racks your customers in-store could miss out on important details, leaving them feeling underwhelmed when they leave again. Without signs…this world would be much harder to navigate. Today’s store needs to be constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to basic visual communication, getting in touch with the basics even as new trends come and go. Where could yours be using some improvement?

Fast Facts

Today’s world moves faster than ever. It’s up to you to keep pace. Over 30,000 SKUs are launched every year. That means there’s always need for smart meat price tags and custom retail displays to help both businesses and customers find their way around. The average consumer will be exposed to over 3,000 advertisements online and in-person, to boot, and a recent study found a customer will decide to stick with a brand in seven seconds or less. How can you juggle all these different elements? It’s time to take another close look at your acrylic window mounting sign.

Encourage Impulse Buys

Are impulse buys really all that? According to recent statistics…they could be all that and then some. One study found that shoppers will make up to 80% of their purchase decisions in the store. Another Mass Merchant Study conducted back in 2014 found 15% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. These snap decisions could breathe new life into your business and give you the ability to truly stand out from the competition. The only way to do this, however, is to use your free standing signs and glass door signs to the fullest of their ability.

Create A Positive Shopping Experience

A good experience these days is everything. Your quaint meat price tags and acrylic display risers ensure this will happen for every new face that enters your shop. After all, who doesn’t like being able to browse at their leisure instead of asking question after annoying question? A 2011 report found over 85% of consumers today will pay more for a better experience. What does this entail? An easy-to-navigate shop, clear printing on the signs and readily available information at their fingertips. What else should you expect from good sign presence?

Make Sure All Your Merchandise Sells

Have you noticed some merchandise is constantly being looked over? You may need to update your signs. Full-priced merchandise performs over 15% better with signage than without, after all, and you’ve got monthly figures to meet. A clear plastic hanging sign is great for grabbing attention right off the bat, while smaller meat price tags and deli case sign holders can help the eye travel naturally. A Brigham Young University study found merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. All these details are great ways to stand out from the competition.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

With so much information pummeling the average consumer’s vision, you need to find ways to stand out without coming off as obnoxious or pushy. This means blending in old-fashioned methods with modern technology. Although today’s shoppers often use their smartphones to do thorough research on a product (whether it’s reviewing the website or checking out customer comments), over 75% prefer to go inside the store to shop. That means your clear price tag sleeves and meat price tags need to be constantly ready to be browsed, studied and glanced at.

A sign is a line of communication before a customer approaches the front desk. What is your store constantly telling your client base?

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