How to Create a New Supply Storage System While Switching Warehouses

Renting commercial real estate

The storage and warehouse leasing industry employs nearly 167,000 people in the U.S. alone. The amount of occupied warehouse and distribution space has increased about 86% since 2000. If you’ve recently wondered, where is warehouse space for rent near me? Then you will need to know a bit more about commercial leases. Industrial rental warehouses do not solve all of a company’s distribution and supply problems; a good strategic plan for maximizing the space needs to be in place.

How to Effectively Organize Distribution Space For Optimal Business Practices.

Shortly after running internet searches for, “warehouse space for rent near me,” it is a good idea to get clear on how to properly organize a warehouse space for optimal supply and inventory turnover. The first step is understanding how the business does existing inventory. Once it is understood what was being done before that wasn’t working, it is easier to move forward and choose a new process.

Get Very Clear About How Inventory Turnover and Supply Works Currently.

It might take a full day, or at least a couple of hours, to get very clear on how the current warehouse is running operations. All too often, the day to day processes of the workplace are run on autopilot. This is an alright arrangement when the system is optimal, but inadvisable over the long term as too much can fall off. Meaning, it is incredibly common for routine checks and balances to be inadequately reviewed or inspected. This is why it can potentially take nearly a full workday to outline how things are being run currently, and how they might be improved in the future.

What to Know About Commercial Real Estate.

When you’re asking real estate agents, “Is there any warehouse space for rent near me?” it is important to know that renting commercial real estate is a bit different from renting residential property. Firstly, square footage is calculated a bit differently. The usable square footage may not be the same as what the lease insists is available. Secondly, who will be paying for improvements to the common areas and the building itself? This could easily become the responsibility of the tenant if not addressed directly and clearly in writing.

Finding a new warehouse for rent is the easy part. The hard part is taking a good look at what was not working before, and coming up with a plan that best utilizes both the new space, while working with the way your company does business. But it is not enough to take care of your side, it is also important to understand how commercial real estate works, and to plan accordingly by getting the details in writing.

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