How To Run A Profitable Contracting Business

How To Run A Profitable Contracting Business

Just like any other business, starting a contracting business requires time, effort, and a high quality service. No business has ever been successful without some sweat equity! As a trained contractor, starting a business can be easy in some aspects and difficult in others. If you are already a contractor in the community, you may have clients that can provide you with referrals. If not, you may be starting from the bottom to gain regular business. As a business owner, you can price your services as you please. In general, contractors make a decent wage, whether they charge per hour or per project. For example, a smaller average roof repair can cost a homeowner between $150 and $400, with labor alone costing between $45 and $75 per hour. In the United States, the national average roof repair cost is about $773, though most spend between $355 and $1,229. The key is to provide quality service so your clients refer you to others when needed. You will build up an impressive portfolio to show to prospective clients. As a contractor, you will create an account with a local hardware store to get your contractor supplies at a wholesale price. You will need an array of supplies, including safety work gloves, power tools, and drywall staple guns.

How To Save Your Clients Money With Spray Foam Insulation

Properly installing insulation in a home can greatly lower the homeowners monthly cost on utilities. There are four types of installation, including rolls and batts, loose-fill, rigid foam, and foam-in-place. Since heating and cooling accounts for 50% of homeowners utility costs, it only makes sense to encourage homeowners to invest in spray foam insulation. Using safety work gloves and safety goggles, a contractor can install insulation in any part of the home, using spray foam kits. These kits include everything necessary to get the job done. Spray foam insulation in an easier option when it comes to insulating a home.

Reasons to Build With EIFS

Exterior insulation and finish system, or EIFS, ensures the home is better insulated. This, in turn, saves the homeowners money throughout the year. It adds value to the home when buying and selling, because the house has better protecting through the elements. It is more environmentally friendly since heating and cooling systems do not need to be hiked up to extreme temperatures year round.

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