Importance Of On Site And Off Site Signage

We see signs on a daily basis, often many of times throughout our days. As these signs tend to be of an advertising nature, the average person in the United States will actually view as many as 3,000 signs and other such modes of advertising over the course of a mere 24 hours, the span of a single day. From on site advertising to off site advertising, signs used for advertising are typically quite effective, and can bring in a great deal of new customers on a monthly basis.

Store signs should always be used, as on site advertising in the form of various store signs is actually equatable to taking out as many as 24 newspaper adverts over the course of just one single year – and full page newspaper adverts, at that. Store signs that are features prominently in display windows or just outside of the store can also draw in a great deal of new customers, as about half of consumers (and potential customers) that enter any store have actually done so because of the strategic use of store signs.

In the store, store signs are just as important and play a key and critical role in helping to sell the merchandise being offered. In fact, store signs and promotional signs can even help the sales of fully priced goods, according to a study conducted by Brigham Young University. This study showed that the fully priced merchandise being advertised with store signs outsold merchandise without store signs by as much as 20%. Other studies of a similar nature have had remarkably similar results, as well.

And there are many types of store signs that can be used, as well. Window decals, for instance, are a great way to advertise and utilize store signs as fully as is possible, especially if the store has limited space for other on site forms of advertisement. In addition to this, floor standing sign holders can also be quite effective, really working to draw the average customer in. Even price tags can convey a lot of important information, showing the customer smart branding and effective packaging, two things that can make them more likely to buy a product before their shopping trip comes to an end.

But store signs are certainly not the only important type of advertising found here in the United States. Aside from store signs, off site signage like billboards and even vehicle wraps have been used to much success - something that is particularly true in the case of billboards. In fact, roadside advertising in the form of billboards and things like car decals and car stickers get the attention of more than 70% of all people who drive by, at least to some extent.

And billboards can be used to advertise just about anything – not just goods and services. Events, for instance, can be advertised with much success through the use of billboards places strategically all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, more than 55% of all adults here in the United States have attended at least one event that they first found on a billboard. The same percentage of adults (around 58% of them, if you’re looking to be just a little bit more precise) have also found a restaurant that they later enjoyed from a billboard as well. This proves that billboards are quite effective at what they do, getting the attention of many people and often keeping it long after the person in question has fully driven past it.

However, the placement of billboards is everything, especially when a brick and mortar store (or restaurant) is being advertised. This is due to the fact that most people – around 85% of them, to be more exact – will only see billboards on a regular basis if these billboards are placed within a five mile radius of their homes. This means that billboards for neighborhood goods and stores must be kept relatively close to the store itself, as the people who see that billboards are the ones who are most likely to go the store in the first place, being that they are of the same community.

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