Leaving An Impact On Your Customers The Five Essentials To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Signage

Good products or quality customer service, it all comes down to your high quality signage.

Think about it…how is a customer even going to find your place of business to begin with if they don’t have a sign? What about when they step into your store and want to have a casual browsing experience that’s telling them everything they need to know? The art of the sign is a complex one, to be sure, but one that can be better understood when you return to the basics. Instead of focusing on the fanciest options at your disposal you need to take another look at location, style and custom sign design. Figuring this out in 2018 will set you up for success years down the road.

Follow these five steps and get the most out of your commercial signs.

Start Your Business On The Right Foot

If your business is brand new and eager to leave a strong first impression, starting off with high quality signage will ensure you don’t get passed over in favor of your competitors. Recent studies have shown signs to attract up to half of a start up business’ new customers, which is a number you absolutely can’t ignore when you’re establishing a reputation. Your custom sign design should be attractive, simple and communicate multiple meanings at just a glance. What’s one way to get started on this? Make sure you put it somewhere people can’t miss.

Take Advantage Of A Good Location

It’s not just real estate that requires good location. It’s also your high quality signage and its impact on your foot traffic. It’s been found up to 70% of people will look at the messages on roadside advertising, from small signs to massive billboards, and as many as 60% of consumers have reported a lack of signage being a major reason they didn’t enter a business. Your location should be somewhere people are going to pass by multiple times on their way to work, school or a favorite bar. After all, most of your customers will live pretty close by and will end up doing much of the advertising for you.

Most Of Your Customers Live Nearby

Did you know over 85% of a companies’ customers live within a five-mile radius? These customers are likely to see the custom signage for that business as many as 50 times per week, which increases their likelihood of stopping by or even spreading the news through word-of-mouth. Some of your high quality signs should be located close enough to the business to prevent a hassle, but far enough you can snag the attention of more people. This will take some time to get used to, but once you do? You’ll be saving money even as you make it.

Custom Signage Should Be Held To A High Standard

Your local sign company is invested in making sure your sign does its job. This means being located where customers can find you, taking advantage of recent advances in sign quality and, of course, displaying a respectable design. A consumer survey found 70% of respondents stating the quality of a business’ sign reflects the quality of the business itself. LED signs, in particular, are starting to see some favorable responses. Over 80% of business owners in a survey on sign revenue noted an increase in sales after invested in LED commercial sign models.

Save Money With Smart Signage

High quality signage is one of the most old-fashioned methods of advertising, providing a constant beacon to your place of business while saving you money on regular outreach campaigns. The value of on-site signage has been found to equal 24 full-page newspaper advertisements every year. While that’s not to say you shouldn’t still invest in digital marketing strategies, your sign will remain your anchor during the hard times. Signage remains an advertising and branding tool that can generate up to 75% to your customer base and referrals on a constant basis.

Do you have high quality signage? It’s time to make sure and start raking in more money than you thought possible.

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