Need to Fix Your Eyeglasses? You Can Do It Yourself!

It happens all the time. Whether they were stepped on, dropped, or just simply worn out, sometimes eyeglasses need to be repaired. You could spend a bunch of money taking them to a repair shop, or wait for weeks as your glasses get sorted through the mail, or, so long as the damage is to the frames and not the lenses, you could do the job yourself at home. In most cases, it’s quick, easy, painless and cheap. All you’ll need are a few supplies, depending on what’s wrong, and a little know-how.

One of, if not the, most common issue when glasses break is the bridge, or at the temples and end pieces. If your bridge has snapped, there are solutions, depending on the material your glasses are made from. If they’re standard metal (not titanium), they can likely be soldered back together. If you or someone you know is able to solder, it’s a standard job and shouldn’t’t be too hard. However, if you have plastic or titanium frames and the bridge snaps, you will likely have to buy a new pair.

On the other hand, if the damage is to the temples (the part of the glasses that go along your head behind your ears) or to the end pieces (the pieces connecting the temples to the rest of the frames), you can likely fix the glasses on your own. You’ll need some miniature screws if the miniature screws on your glasses are missing or damaged. This is one of the more common issues, and luckily you can buy micro screws from any standard hardware store. These miniature screws have a number of uses, and are commonly used in glasses, making them easy to buy and replace. In addition to the miniature screws, you’ll need a small screwdriver able to handle the little guys. Many companies have shown they build a custom fastener that can be used with the screws, making the accessories pretty common as well.

From there, you may have to order replace temples if those have snapped, unless you have access to a solderer. Again, if you’re dealing with plastic or titanium frames, no luck there. As long as the temples are intact, putting them back together with the rest of the frames should be no issue with the miniature screws and screwdriver.

Hopefully you’re issue is one that can be handled at home. Eyeglass repair can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s best whenever possible to take care of the problem at home. Do you have any other tips regarding eyeglass maintenance and repair? Share them down below in the comments!

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