Protecting Your Business From the Inside Out

Fire alarm inspections

If you own a commercial building where many employees come to and from work every day, you know that protecting them from harm is at the top of your list. This is why fire protection services are necessary, because fires can come without a moment’s notice for a variety of reasons, and you want to be prepared. The many services we offer to you include fire alarm inspection, fire alarm repair, and other types of fire protection services that will not only keep your employees safe, but give you peace at mind in your building.

Fires: A Deadly and Emergency Scenario

To give you a better view of how often fires tend to happen and how they can quickly become a deadly and dangerous scenario, let’s look at some facts. For instance, did you know that hotel and motel fires cause 15 deaths and 150 injuries every single year in the U.S.? There are many types of buildings in cities where fires could easily take place, being accountable for half of high-rise fires: from apartments, hotels, and offices, to facilities that take care of the sick and elderly. In these situations, if a fire were to start, it could lead to devastating results because many of the people in nursing homes have limited mobility. Fires even start where you least expect them and where you feel most safe, like in hospitals. Electrical malfunction actually accounts for 19% of non-confined fires that take place in hospital settings.

There are many ways that preventative measures such as a protective system can reduce the likelihood of people becoming injured or even killed in a devastating fire. Having automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in your building can reduce injury, loss of life, and property damage by an astounding 50%, which is why businesses are jumping on board at this opportunity. In fact, the types of fire protection services we offer as sometimes required. If a small data center is below 2,500 square feet, an Early Warning Fire Detection system is a requirement by law.

Ensure the safety of your workers and take necessary steps to prevent a fire that could cost a worker or several workers their lives. Call us today.

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