Storage Shed in Shambles? Here Are Ways to Spruce Up Your Storage

You designed a beautiful, practical storage shed as a way to save space; but this summer, pulling open those long-closed doors revealed a swamp of rakes, shovels, bikes, spiderwebs, and gardening equipment spilling over each other from the lack of space. If you want to spruce up the look of your backyard storage shed, then here are some easy ways to organize your space.

Hook, line, and sinker

No, we’re not talking about planning your next fishing trip. Installing heavy-duty storage hooks is a great way to store a variety of items that clutter your floor space. Rakes, shovels, extension cords, hand-held gardening tools, pretty twinkling lights: these items don’t stand a chance of falling over with a set of industrial hooks. Try installing them on the strong posts present in portable garages and storage sheds. These storage shed accessories can bear the weight of your larger tools, and they can clear up precious floor space.

Get a pegboard

If you don’t have a large toolbox for your many tools, getting a pegboard is a great way to store items that don’t have a place of their own. This is also useful for easy access to often used items like pliers. Now, you don’t have to go digging through your toolbox to find the items you use all the time. A pegboard can be mounted on the wall and is easily installed with simple studs.

Magnetize your space

That pegboard is also a great mount for a magnetic strip. If you work with cars or other machines, tiny screws and screwdrivers have a tendency to get lost. Strategically placing a few magnetic strips will make it easier when you work on your machines and offer a simple storage design for your smaller tools.

Control your cords

Let’s be honest: storing tangled cords is a nightmare. The cord never stays properly wrapped and somehow its reach manages to extend halfway across the garden shed. Whether you’re dealing with snaking electrical cords, extension cords, string lights, or garden hoses, getting a simple cord organizer or strong hook won’t take up much space and will keep your tangles tidy.

Install shelving or touch racks

Heavy duty shelves can be purchased in a range of sizes, making them a perfect option for any screened in porch, storage shed, or pole barn. Their durable quality will make them last for a while and they’ll be able to hold those blocky items or heavy tools that fall off hooks. Use them for stacking planters or lawn equipment that might get damaged on the floor of your shed.

These are just some of the many options you can use to make your storage shed a clutter-free zone this summer.

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