Stressed Employees Are Unproductive Employees Creating A Peaceful Environment With Soundproof Booths

Productivity this, productivity that. This word is tossed around with hardly any meaning, wasting our time and, ironically, sapping away our productivity. How do you apply this word in a way that actually translates into results?

You get to the root of the issue. When your employees aren’t working to the fullest of their ability you ask the right questions to get you on a course of action. This can mean incorporating better ventilation and it can mean providing more frequent lunch breaks. Turns out the average employee workspace is an area that could use a major overhaul. A lot of the higher business figures you’ve been looking for can be cultivated with a design change.

The soundproof booth is proven to reduce distractions and help employees work more effectively.

Help Your Workers Concentrate Better

Workers that are constantly pulled away from their workstation, even if it’s just mentally, cost your business money. It also leaves your employees frazzled and always in a position to catch up. Soundproofing the office has been shown to improve worker concentration by nearly 50%, blocking off common distractions that can pull a gaze from a computer screen. Little sounds like talking in the next room, birds chirping, and cars honking are all muffled in the soundproof booth. Not only will workers focus better, they’ll stress less.

Chip Away At Office Stress

Chronic stress isn’t good for you. It affects your short-term memory and puts strain on your heart, both ingredients for a bad recipe. Soundproofing the office gets rid of the majority of annoying sounds that interfere with a person’s workflow. Adding a phone booth office design crafted for peace has been proven to reduce employee stress by nearly 30%. Happy, relaxed employees create much better results than high-strung, irritable employees. Even your customers will notice a difference.

Improve Your Customer Service Reputation

The call center isn’t dead. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Consumers today wait on hold for an average of 11 minutes before hanging up. The biggest factor that goes into people hating calling companies is not being able to speak to a real person or being confronted with too much noise on the other end. When you have a soundproof phone booth for office your customers will sense the difference, both in how much happier your employees are and how much less clutter there is when they call for assistance.

Reduce Common Workplace Errors

A single error can have disastrous consequences. Whether it’s a lost file or a typo, these tiny mistakes can translate into hundreds of lost dollars. Talk about ruined productivity! Soundproofing an office can lower work errors by 10% or more by eliminating distractions and encouraging better mental wellness. American companies lose over $60 billion every year due to bad customer service alone. How much more are you losing to seemingly negligible mistakes that build up over the week?

How To Soundproof An Office Room

You have plenty of resources to transform your lackluster office space into a location that encourages, not hinders, productivity. The soundproof office booth uses a combination of clever design and high-quality materials to muffle noise. This means thicker carpet, ergonomically designed walls, and a smaller space. Even paint can add another dimension of comfort. The soundproof paint market has hit a $200 million high and is expected to grow by at least 30% per year.

The soundproof booth is a boon for customers and employees. Enjoy the benefits this year by giving your office’s design another look.

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