Taking A Look At The Importance Of Signage In Your Store

From the printed sign to the shelf tags for grocery stores, there are many different types of signs all throughout the United States – and in many other places all throughout the world as well. Signs can be found in price tags for retail stores, for in-store marketing, and for last minute promotions. Signs can be found not only in the small printed sign but in the much larger one as well, the billboard that is seen by thousand upon thousands of people on a daily basis.

And the printed sign as a form of advertisement is an incredibly effective one. In fact, up to half of all consumers and potential customers will only enter a place of business in the first place because of a sign. And more than sixty five percent (sixty eight percent, to be more exact) of all people in the United States have said that they have made at least one purchase, if not more, in direct correlation to a printed sign that they saw.

There are many places in which a printed sign can be used as well, all with their own benefits. On site signage in particular has remained incredibly important, even in this, our digital age. Because while online shopping has become more popular and prevalent than ever before, the vast majority of all purchasing decisions – up to ninety four percent of them – will occur when a person is actually in a physical store.

And on site signage like a printed sing or wholesale printed retail tags can help them to make that decision, as impulse decisions and impulse buys are common, making up six to ten of every customers total purchases. On top of this, many people simply do not make a final decision about what they are looking to buy until they are actually in the store itself – more than eighty percent of all customers say that this is the case, at least for themselves personally. In such cases, on site signage like the printed sign has a huge window of opportunity to convince someone to make a purchase of an item that they had not originally been planning to buy.

Such is the power of using on site signage like printed signage that it can easily and even be compared to taking out as many as twenty four full page ads in a local newspaper – over only the course of just one year. And studies have shown that even fully priced items fare better when advertised in store by printed signage, selling up to twenty percent more than their unadvertised full price counterparts, as one study that was conducted by Brigham Young University found, a study that has been backed up by even more studies that have occurred since.

Of course, the on site printed sign is by far not the only important type of sign to be found here and all throughout the United States. In fact, this is far from the case, thanks to the widespread use and presence of billboards, typically found lining highway roads.

These billboards will advertise a number of things, from products to brands to services to events to restaurants. Truly there is no limit to what can be advertised – and effectively advertised, at that – through the use of a billboard. The typical billboard is more visible than ever before too, with more than seventy percent of all drivers who pass it by (of which there are many over the course of just one single day) taking note of it, or even just taking a passing glace of it and remembering it later. Because of this, billboards have been proven to be very effective at piquing the interest of bored drivers and can even serve as entertainment and some distraction to those who wind up stuck in traffic on such a highway road, as is coming during the typical period of commute here in the United States, especially in cities.

Signs matter a lot in the United States, and play an important role in advertising.

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