Taking A Look At The Staggering Growth Of The Transportation Industry In The United States

There is certainly no doubt about it that the transportation industry of the United States has grown considerably in recent years. After all, there are nearly 6 million people now employed as truck drivers and other transport professionals all throughout this one country alone, piloting as many as 12 million different forms of transport, ranging from trucks to freight trains. But the scale of how much the transportation industry has grown is beyond the scope of what many currently comprehend.

For instance, the value of freight is one the rise at quite a rapid pace. Back in the year of 2013, now about five full years ago, the value of freight was at just over $880 per ton ($882 per ton, to be more exact). In the years since, it has already begun to rise. And by the time that we hit the year of 2040, now just over 20 full years away, this amount is actually expected to increase to more than $1,300 per ton. Of course, we will have to wait and see to see if it continues to climb from that point onwards.

The amount of cargo that is being transported has also been found to be on the rise. Back in that same year of 2013 as mentioned in the paragraph above, the amount of transported cargo came in at around 15 billion tons. While this is already an impressive amount of cargo in and of itself, it is again an amount that is expected to rise considerably by the time that we reach the not so far off year of 2040. In fact, the amount of cargo transported in the year of 2040 has been anticipated to reach an amount as high as very nearly 19 billion tons of cargo by the time that the year has come to a close.

And the increase in the amount of cargo shipped and the overall value of this cargo has necessitated an increase in the use of technologies like load boards and TMS systems all throughout the United States. Load boards, which are quite important in the world of transportation, must be carefully assessed, as different types of load boards can easily be put into use. Using the right types of load boards is just as important as using the right types of transportation broker software and the right types of shipping racking integration software and many other important components of smoothly running the transportation industry as well. Without load boards and all these others tools and technologies, the transportation industry would not be able to operate nearly as smoothly as it does today.

But when we look at the use of load boards and transportation management software and of course the transportation industry on a whole, it’s important to also look at the causes for this monumental increase in the need for transportation technologies like load boards and the like in the first place. In a word, it all ties back to e-commerce. E-commerce, thanks to the widespread access to and usage of the internet, has grown immensely in the last few years, reaching and exceeding total market value of more than $400 billion already, a number that is still expected to climb in an exponential way in the years that are to come.

But why, exactly, has e-commerce become so notable and so widespread? For one thing, more people than ever before – more than three and a half billion of them – have internet access on a global scale. And thanks to the internet, selling goods and even services online has become more possible than ever. And, after all, who doesn’t like to buy things online? Online shopping has made the world a far more accessible and convenient place to live in, something that more and more people are taking advantage of with many people even choosing to buy and order their groceries online as well. So there is certainly no doubt about it that the world of online shopping has actually been able to change the world of transportation quite considerably – and likely permanently.

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