Taking A Look At The Thriving Warehouse Industry in the United States

Warehouses are important here in the United States, there is no doubt about it. In fact, the warehouse industry is one that is thriving after being neglected for far too long. From industrial rental warehouses to warehouse spaces that have been converted into modular and temporary office buildings, warehouses can now be used for a wide variety of purposes. And using warehouse space in these new and far more efficient ways is a practice that can help companies all over the country – and even all over the world, at that – to thrive and to grow. There is no shortage of warehouse space or even of industrial rental warehouses, and it is only natural that we can assume that the warehouse industry, of this country, at least, though likely of many others as well, will continue to grow and to thrive in the years that are to come.

This claim is backed up by recently gathered data. This data was able to find that the amount of warehouse space that is in use has increased by just more than eighty six percent all since the year of 2000 alone, which was less than twenty years in the past. Back in the year of 2000, the warehouse industry was not thriving nearly as much as it is now and warehouses used as industrial rental warehouses were not nearly as common or as widespread throughout the country and overseas. Entering into an office lease agreement has also become more common for warehouse spaces, as unexpected as this might sound. This can be directly attributed to the growth of modular construction methods, something that has also taken off in recent years. Not only are modular construction methods less costly and better for the environment than traditional construction methods, but they are also able to transform unused warehouses into functioning office spaces, something that would not even have been feasible to do more recently in the past than many of us would think.

The benefits of this growth in the warehouse industry are considerable, especially when it comes to the matter of job creation. The creation of jobs here in the United States is a hugely important thing and it is always something that is closely watched and even debated about in the political world and in such political circuits. Thankfully, the industry of industrial warehouse rentals has been able to create a great deal of jobs all throughout the United States and is likely to create even more as it continues to grow and increase in scope and in size (and in number of potential uses, as we become more and more innovative and creative) in the next few years. Already, a large number of people are employed in the warehouse storage and general warehouse industry of the United States. Currently, there are more than one hundred and sixty sixty thousand of them just in this one country alone, let alone anywhere else in the world.

But what is behind this push for industrial rental warehouses and the growing need for warehouse storage? In many ways, the rise of the popularity of ecommerce and online shopping has been instrumental in growing the need for industrial rental warehouses and the like. In fact, data clearly shows that ecommerce will be growing at a compounded rate that is no less than ten percent for at least the next five years, if not even longer. And as the market for ecommerce and online shopping grows, so too will the need for storage spaces to house all of these products and goods. In most cases, this storage spaces means warehouses, from warehouse space for sale to industrial rental warehouses and other such warehouse space for rent. And as the need for this physical space grows, so too will the need for people to work in it and manage it, thus creating untold numbers of jobs and providing many different people with more financial stability in their lives than ever before in their adult lives.

The warehouse industry and the ecommerce industry truly do go hand in hand in America.

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