The Case for Green Packaging

Thermoformed clamshells

The environment is currently hurting and a large proportion of that harm comes from the illegal/improper dumping of plastic. Just in 2013 alone, of the 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced, nearly 40% of it was dumped into landfills and 32% was “leaked,” supposedly accidentally, into the environment. That much pollution causes serious issues for the environment.

Consider the fact that most of the world’s plastic waste somehow ends up in the ocean, causing at least $13 billion worth of harmful damage every year. Furthermore, an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic is currently wading around within the oceans. Recent studies have shown that inaction from now until 2050 might lead to the point where the number of plastic waste items floating in the ocean will out number the amount of fish swimming about it. Think about that: There will be more pieces of plastic retail packaging, thermoformed packaging, and clamshell packaging floating in the ocean than there will be fish. What a sad state of affairs.

However, it doesn’t need to be so drastic: There are things we can do for the environment, eco-friendly concepts and protocol, to ensure that our oceans and public/natural lands are protected for the future. A particular way to achieve this is for people to begin calling on companies to begin reforming their products, working towards a future where green packaging is used by all companies.

The data shows that this is what consumers want too:

  • 52% of people worldwide are willing to make a purchase if the package shows that the company is making an environmental difference
  • 45% of consumers are said to have purchased a product because the product’s box labels was environmentally friendly — that means green thermoformed packaging, green clamshell packaging, green utility box plastic,
  • 26% of consumers have said that the packaging of a product is, in their opinion, extremely important towards their satisfaction when purchasing a product

Not only is the environment a concern in this case, but it clearly illuminates to marketing departments that it’s what consumers want. If companies can provide that to consumers — green retail packaging, thermoformed packaging, ammo storage cases, and more, then they are making the statement that they are ready to make a difference, supporting not only their company’s cause, but the cause of the consumer: the environment.

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