The Importance Of Proper Signage

When it comes to your business, the signs that you display have more impact than you realize. After all, whether or not we consciously notice it, we are surrounded by signs and various methods of advertising nearly our entire day. We see signs on our commute to and from work, we see signs all over the place when we go shopping (even just for groceries and necessities), we see signs even walking around our neighborhoods on a warm summer night. Signs influence our decisions, they push us towards where to shop, where to go, and what to eat. Though many of us may not be actively aware of it, we are hugely impacted by signs on a day to day basis. The utilization of custom display boards for sale can turn out to be a considerable investment, as custom display boards for sale can help to increase traffic to your store and, therefore, your brand overall.

When it comes to purchasing custom display boards for sale, your answer should be a resounding yes. After all, signage such as custom display boards for sale has been proven to work. Of all who were surveyed, more than seventy percent of people reported that they did in fact pay attention to road side advertising. For many people, who commute to work in one specific way, they see the same signage every single day, making them more and more likely to check out what it’s really all about. This can lead to a considerable amount of increased business, as half of all customers in any given store were likely to be there because they had seen an advertisement in the form of a sign, such as custom display boards for sale or even high quality posters placed strategically in venues, shops, and restaurants around a neighborhood. Even a high quality poster placed on a public wall or telephone pole is more likely to send customers to a store or event than no signage at all to begin with.

Signage is also important inside a store or a restaurant as well, particularly when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions of customers. Products with adequate and clear signage have even been found to outsell similar products without any signage by as much as twenty percent. Having signage at the actual location of the business or establishment was also hugely helpful, as having a banner or custom display boards (or other like signs) was found to be more effective than placing a newspaper ad for business or a product – twenty four full size newspaper ads in just one year, to be exact.

The quality of your sign is important to, and such is the importance of custom display boards for sale, which allow you to determine the level of quality that your sign (or signs) is (or are). The vast majority of customers and potential customers – around seventy percent – said that they felt the quality of the sign was able to directly reflect the overall quality of the business establishment and nearly ninety percent of these customers said that a sign could help to convey the overall tone and personality of a business establishment or brand as well. This means that signage is absolutely important but, even more crucially, quality signage is more important than all of the above.

Having ample advertisement for your business, brand, restaurant, or venue is hugely important, of course. This is something that everyone knows. But what everyone may not know is that the type of advertisements that you choose are more important than anything. Visible public signs such as custom display boards for sale are one such incredibly effective method of advertising. These signs are particularly impactful when at the actual physical location of the business, as they help to help customers make last minute purchasing decisions, increasing the overall number of impulse buys. Proper signage can also help to improve the image of a company or business, as signs have been found to be effectively able to express personality and the like.

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