The Many Reasons You Should Donate Clothes

What do you do with your old clothes? Do your throw them away? Roughly 10.5 million tons of clothing end up in landfills every year in the United States. According to one report, Americans only recycle or donate approximately 15% of their old clothes. There is significant room for improvement in these statistics, and one of the best options is to donate your old clothes.

There are organizations that take donated clothes to resell through secondhand stores and then the profits are used to help others such as veterans. Helping disabled veterans or helping military families is one simply way you can show your appreciation for everything they do. Despite the relatively low percentage of clothes being donated, one report suggested that there are 4.7 billion pounds of clothes donated each year in the United States.

Not only does donating clothes benefit other people, it is also a great way to help the environment as that 10.5 million tons of clothes is re-purposed and does not end up in the landfill. Nearly all household textiles and clothing can be recycled, and that is regardless of the condition it is in.

Many may wonder when they should think about letting go of the clothes they own. Experts suggest that if you live somewhere with one or two basic seasons, you should get rid of anything you haven’t worn in six months.

One study showed that on average, each American adult will throw away 70 pounds of clothes and other textiles each year. The entire 70 pounds can be donated and used to promote good, instead of simply contributing to landfill waste. Donating the clothes requires no more work than it takes to throw them away.

Donating clothes also supports the growing trends of minimalism and Hygge, which promote actively working towards a simpler lifestyle and embracing overall simplicity. Consumer reports show that people are buying twice as many clothes as the previous generation did. This creates unneeded clutter and too many options, which psychological research has shown is counter-productive.

When you donate clothes and textiles you will reduce stress by reducing the clutter. It will also promote positive feelings knowing that you are helping others. Donors can also get a tax receipt for the clothes they donate making it financially beneficial for them come tax time. So when you donate clothes, you are helping yourself, others,and the environment. It is really a win-win situation all around.

There is direct and measurable benefits in used clothing donations , and organizations like the purple heart foundation work with clothing donations to directly provide help to veterans ans their families.

So next time you are doing laundry, start tossing aside the items you really don’t wear anymore. Once you have a bag full,you can donate clothes to an origination that will use those clothes to promote good.

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