Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Can Bring Swift Resolutions to Complex Problems

Securities fraud

We would all like to believe that the laws of our land in the United States will bring swift justice to anyone or any group that seeks it. As Americans, we pride ourselves on a system of justice that is supposedly designed with the entire population in mind, not just the elite of our society.

Our system of justice is pressed daily by people and companies that push the boundaries of our laws, making disputes an inevitable part of not only doing business in this country but, for many, simply living out their daily lives. Securities fraud, intellectual property law, and international disputes are often legal cases that require a sorting through of all kinds of information, both legal and otherwise.

If you are involved in a major dispute such as those mentioned above or situations like environmental law, oil and gas litigation, or anything that could drag out for months or even years, perhaps you might consider alternative resolution services. Alternative resolution services typically offer a much quicker resolution than taking a case all the way to the courts.

Back in 1962, just over ten percent of federal civil cases went to trial. Today, it is estimated that only one percent of civil cases at the federal level make it to the courtroom. The FedArb Arbitrators or Panels handle class actions in very much the same way as they are handled under FRCP 23. This includes certification, notice, and settlement. So, you know that a quick resolution will not only be forthcoming but handled with the care and attention to justice that a regular trial would bring.

Securities fraud is a great example of something that has plagued our country’s legal system for many years. Specifically, over the last ten years, people have been fighting for justice and the ability to be heard. Alternative resolution services provide a forum for all parties to be heard and for justice to be served.

Take climate change as an example. Regardless of one’s belief about who or what is responsible, we know that more than a third of all counties in the lower 48 of the United States are going to be facing serious risks of water shortages by the middle of this century. Fixing this problem is going to require some serious negotiating and a determination of what to do about the water shortages. Making use of alternative resolution services just might be the best way to bring everyone to the table.

Whether it be securities fraud, respiratory issues caused by power plants, or global warming problems, alternative resolution services can bring swift and just results.

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