Using Custom Modified Shipping Containers to Expand Office Space

Portable office containers

Many organizations, like government agencies and offices, schools, and businesses need more office space. When new construction, with all the related hassles of getting permissions, funding, and actually nursing the project to completion, is not an option, managers and business owners do have another choice. Using modified shipping containers as mobile offices is a painless way to expand space for business or classes. Shipping containers for sale can be modified and customized to fit the new purpose for which they will be used. These versatile containers provide space that can be put to many different uses as needed.

Putting used shipping containers to good use
What do government agencies, municipalities, college campuses, schools, and businesses all have in common? A perpetual shortage of space, which leads to crowded conditions in offices and classrooms, hampering productivity and learning activity. Researchers have found that office space has been shrinking over the years. The average size of an office workstation has actually halved, going from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet at present, in projects undertaken by a major design and workspace construction firm, Jacobs.
A crowded office or workspace is not conducive to productivity. Not surprisingly, a survey of IT workers found that they switched from one project to another every 10.5 minutes. And even in that brief segment of time, they were interrupted half the time. Clearly, there?s a need for more office space without all the hassles entailed in new construction. One option for offices, including small privately owned businesses like local landscapes and construction companies, is to use shipping containers.

Finding shipping containers for sale
There are actually a large number of used shipping containers for sale. Almost all, or 95% of the world?s cargo is shipped, due to lower costs. This means that there has been a tremendous demand for shipping containers. The total number is estimated to be around 17 million, though only 6 million are in active use. The remaining 11 million used shipping containers for sale are available for other creative uses, such as portable offices, pop up concession stands and even tiny homes.
Shipping containers are also sturdy and a lasting investment. One of the places where you can find shipping containers for sale, Container Auction, actually claims that they can last for twenty years with proper maintenance. With suitable modification, they can be turned into garden sheds, offices, classrooms, homes, pop up concession stands and storage.

Modifications to create a portable office
Shipping containers are both durable and versatile and can be put to many different uses. Many sellers can customize them according to the function they will serve. They can add doors, windows and skylights, ventilation, climate control, locks and more. Shelving can be added to the interior, and the whole can be designed to look like a genuine log cabin.
Exterior paint is the final step in transforming a shipping container. There?s no limit to the number of uses for used shipping containers, or to the modifications that can be made.

For organizations that are short on space, modified shipping containers are a viable option for expansion. There are plenty of used shipping containers for sale, and these can be modified both internally and externally to match the purpose for which they will be used.

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