What a Generations Speaker Can Do For You

One of the biggest challenges to business, education, and even to government is bridging the generation gap. While the generations have always been different from one another, the continental divide between the Baby Boomers and the Millenials, and even between the Millenials and the rising Generation Z, with Generation X floundering somewhere in the middle, is unprecedented. Understanding the differences is key; taking advantage of those differences makes all the difference. That’s where a generations speaker could give the insight that makes that difference.

Where the Generation Divide Matters

In the Workplace Environment

There are currently four generations in the workplace, and in some places there are even five generations in the workplaces. Each comes with utterly different expectations about what it means to hold down a job, what an employer should do for employees, and even what it means to be “on time!” This means enormous potential for conflict between employers of one generation and employees of another and among employees. Each generation has their way of doing things, and you need to know how to manage generational differences in the workplace with the insight of a generations speaker.

Dealing With Other Businesses

If you’re in business, you know that one of your challenges is working around the competition. But what if the competition is headed by someone from a different generation; someone who acts, thinks, and strategizes in a whole new way? When everyone works according to “standard” or traditional business practice, it can be easy to predict the competition’s next move. But when nearly a quarter of all entrepreneurs are over 55 and another enormous chunk are Millenials, with two other generations filling in the gaps, you can get lost trying to figure out what’s coming next.

To Your Diversity

Diversity makes for a healthy climate, and it’s a mistake to think that diversity is measured primarily by skin color or sexual orientation. The strength of diversity lies in leveraging different perspectives and ways of thinking so you can see problems from all angles, find ut-of-the-box solutions, innovate, and stop minor issues before they become a problem. To achieve this kind of diversity–true diversity–you need people who don’t all act and think the same. The truth is that generational diversity can be far more profound in this respect than other types of superficial diversity; which may get you people who look different but who all have basically the same values, opinions, and general ways of looking at the world.

Making the Sale

If you’re a business headed by one generation, do you know how to reach out to customers and clients of another? Expectations have changed, as have demands, and the generations can be very different when it comes to how they want to communicate with those they do business with. It’s easy to lose business in a climate like this, which makes it crucial you prioritize understanding selling to millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers, and everyone else.

A Generational Differences Primer

To understand the value of a generations speaker or workplace culture speaker, and why you need to grasp generational differences, it’s important to know a bit about what’s going on. The country is currently experiencing statistical full employment: i.e., everyone who wants a job has one. This makes it even more difficult to attract the best talent to your workforce and crucial that you understand, for example, that Millenials desire feedback to a degree and in ways that their predecessors did not. They don’t want a quarterly performance review, nor will they be happy with such. They want constant, regular feedback so they can make on-the-fly adjustments. That’s how they live their lives.

Yet some things remain the same. Approximately the same percentage of each generation has a desire to make a positive impact on their world, and about the same percentage of each values health care as an important perk of employment. How can you leverage this information to help you? That’s where a skilled generations speaker can bring the insight you need.

Never in human history have five generations lived and worked side by side to the degree they do so now. Are you ready to take advantage of all that means?

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