When Was the Last Time Your Buildings Were Inspected by the Fire Marshall?

All of the images of the Camp fire in California have had many effects on people across the nation. From homes in the state to businesses across the nation, there are many home and business owners who are looking to find a way to get the fire sprinkler repair services that are needed to protect their property and their loved ones.

Fire protection services are always important, but after a natural disaster like the raging fires that recently ravaged California there are even more people who are looking for services. Fire sprinkler inspections offer a safeguard for businesses that currently have them installed, but they can do nothing for small buildings and businesses that have not installed these systems. And while there are city, state, and federal requirements for fire protection, there are always companies and buildings that are off the radar and leave themselves completely vulnerable to fire.

Professional Fire Sprinkler Repair Services Offer a Sense of Security to Their Customers and Clients

Fortunately, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a completely sprinklered building when the system was operating properly. The real problem, of course, comes when companies or small businesses do not install or maintain the required fire preventative measures. Although the recent fires of California were likely caused by human error and natural conditions, the reality is that many of the victims that were caught by the fires were far removed from the initial causes. Knowing that you have the proper precautions in place can help a business not only limit damage, but also provide extra time for an escape if needed.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the fire prevention industry and the impact that it has on the economy of the nation:

  • The combination of early warning systems and automatic sprinklers in all buildings could reduce overall loss of life, injuries, and property damage by as much as 50%.
  • Hotel and motel fires result in $76 million in property loss every year.
  • U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 6,240 structure fires in or on health care properties per year in the time span between 2006 and 2010.
  • Non-chemical suppression systems operate effectively 96% of the time in commercial areas with large oven ranges.
  • Confined cooking fires by themselves account for 55% of all fires in medical facilities.
  • Apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick are the four property classes accounting for half of high-rise fires.

Finding the best way to protect your loved ones and your businesses is a combination of making good decisions and following the safety guidelines that are needed for all public spaces. With the use of fire sprinkler repair services you can create the safest space possible.

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