4 Issues with Standard Fasteners and How to solve them

Screw manufacturers have always been working towards developing more efficient fasteners. There are many options for different projects. They range from a miniature 100 piece package of screws to customizable pieces.

But screws are not the only fastener options out there. For some of the applications that we often use screws, we could use alternatives such as adhesives, bolts, and nails.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the shortcomings of your regular screw against different types of applications. We’ll also look at some innovations a modern screw manufacturer utilizes to address these shortcomings.


One of the key reasons most people opt for screws is that they are easy to put in place and remove. The threaded portion of the screw makes removing and fastening parts together efficient and virtually effortless.

However, the screw head can strip due to constant wear and tear. The stripped head makes the screw difficult to remove. In the process, you could end up ruining parts of your assembly.< /p>

The most significant contributor to stripped screw heads is the improper use of tools. Using a screwdriver at an incorrect angle can deplete the structure of the head. It could also be as a result of using the drill at the wrong speed. Improper disassembly of components can cause damages to materials.

Impact on Materials

Having Stripped screw heads is not the only problem you can have with materials. Regular screws are also not suitable for thin and fragile parts that can disintegrate or break with minor wear and tear.

Some technicians may choose to use other alternatives, such as adhesives. Unfortunately, such fastener options make disassembly cumbersome.

A modern screw manufacturer often has convenient options for varying applications, including miniature fasteners. They come in a variety of designs and are made of materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel.

Protruding Screw Heads

Another problem with regular screw fasteners is their nondescript and protruding head. While the feature makes it easy to remove, it can also have several significant consequences.

  • Potential Hazard: You may want to consider countersinking the screw to ensure the head is on an even surface with the rest of the assembly. When the head protrudes, it can tag onto clothes, fabrics, or come into contact with electrical components. Consider getting customizable screws if there is a risk of any such hazards in your environment.
  • Interfering with Aesthetics: Standard screws are often unsuitable for use in decorative items. The large head can interfere with the aesthetics of the design. Luckily, there are additional features that come with custom fastener options you can use for such applications. You can have the parts coated with nickel, chrome, or zinc. You may choose to coat it with a material that will match the aesthetics of the assembly.

Threading and Durability

The thread on the screw shank can deplete quickly for regular fasteners in certain industrial applications. There are many types, with V threading being the most common for holding parts together.

However, if there is motion, vibration, or the parts are at awkward angles, your conventional V design may not be sufficient. The standard screw can handle lighter weights. But in situations where heavier loads or longer threads are required, they often under perform.

Your standard thread is may not always generate the required strength. But you could opt for extra fine threading for additional strength and durability. It can clamp critical components together and even provide enough root surface-area to prevent stripping. You may also want to consider factors like torque and speed before choosing a fastener from a screw manufacturer.

In Conclusion

Finding the right screw is important, as it will minimize parts failure and boost efficiency. Before you settle on a custom fastener, define the parameters of your application. You should be clear on the requirements for torque, speed, aesthetics, and any other critical factors. If you need any help, you can visit our website today for more information on custom screw products and services.

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