5 Things to Know About Fire Alarm Services

If you’re in charge of maintaining or managing a building, have you been thinking about the fire alarm design of your space? Have you invested in quality fire alarm installation, and have you thought about getting a fire alarm service? Having a great fire alarm service, regular fire alarm inspections, and prompt fire alarm repair is one of the simplest, yet most important things you can do to protect people and property. Here are five reasons things you ought to know about why a fire alarm service is so important:

Going Without a Fire Service Can be Costly

A damaging fire will be far more costly than anything you might spend on fire sprinkler installation or whatever your fire alarm service might recommend. Every year, hotels and motels alone are losing $76 million worth of property in fires.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance is Serious

You need your fire alarm service to do regular inspections of the whole system. Between 2006 and 2010, 44% of all the dry chemical fire suppression system failures were due to a lack of maintenance. If you neglect fire sprinkler repair, for example, it could actually cause more damage during a fire than having no system at all. It can also cause damage even when there is no fire.

Your Fire Alarm Service Can Save a Life

Every year, fires in hotels and motels kill 15 people and injure 150 more. Estimates are that if a building has a proper automatic sprinkler system, the right early warning systems, and connection to a fire alarm service, this could reduce property damage, injuries, and deaths from a fire by 50%.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Doesn’t Have Waste Your Time

Sometimes fire alarm systems get neglected just because managers are too busy to remember them. There are a dozen things to be done on any one day just to maintain any building, and it can be easy to forget when fire alarm maintenance time comes around. A good fire alarm service, however, can not only install your system and monitor it for alarms, but it can also take care of testing and maintenance for you. Let them take on the hassle of remembering when your service needs a check.

Your Fire Alarm Service Will Work For You 24/7

Even if no one is in the building, the activation of an alarm or a sprinkler head will get noticed by the fire alarm service. Even if no one is there to grab a fire extinguisher or call 9-1-1, your fire alarm service will make sure the fire department is on its way just as soon as the alarm sounds.

A good fire alarm service guarantees that your building, your people, and your property are protected 24/7. They can install the right system, keep it functioning, and make sure the fire department gets a call as soon as the system alerts them to a problem. Keep your property safe by looking into the types of fire protection services available near you today.

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