A Guide to Used Induction Furnace Facts

One of the most important materials on the planet, and in the United States, is none other than steel. Steel is so valuable but it is not easy to work with. As a matter of fact, the high melting point makes steel really hard to handle and properly utilize on a daily basis. However, a used induction furnace can really help people out when it comes to working with steel.

Right now, the world’s number one importer of steel is the United States. In just the year of 2017, the United States managed to import in over $25 billion. As a result, American needs to begin to shift towards using more used induction furnace for sale. That way, we can work on steel and provide jobs for steelworkers across the country.

Just about 50% of all steel across the globe is being used for infrastructure construction and building construction. So therefore, the true value of a used induction furnace cannot be overstated. All of the buildings in the United States ower their foundational construction to this steel and the process of using used inductotherm induction furnaces.

Long ago, experts revealed that the melting point of steel is just about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who do not know, the melting point of an object is the temperature it must reach before it begins to melt away. Now, anyone can understand just how hot this melting point is for steel, it is pretty absurd. So obviously this melting point can only be reached by using a reliable, used induction furnace.

In 2017, world crude steel production reached a total of 1.7 billion tonnes, a 4% increase from 2016. So this means that there are more and more used induction furnaces across the country being used by steel workers. Understand that the frequencies involved in induction melting can help provide anywhere between 50 cycles per second. This is known as the main frequency and it can hit 10,000 cycles per second which is then considered to be a high frequency.

Some 16% of the world’s steel is used for mechanical equipment such as for manufacturing or robotics. Now, it is important to keep in mind that the world of technology is always growing every single year. So while the number is 16% now, it is definitely going to rise over the next decade. More robots are used to help doctors and surgeons do their job on top of helping people have access to potential replacement limbs. So a used induction furnace is really important.

According to Oxford Economics, a total 88% of Canada’s steel exports went to the United States in 2016. while imports can help the United States in regards to manufacturing, it is important for there to be equipment for steelworkers in our country. As a matter of fact, this could really help reduce unemployment even more. After all, there is a lot of important uses for a used induction furnace today in society.

Almost 17% of imported steel into the United States comes from Canada. Canada is a friendly country to import from and they are often fair and transparent with the United States. However, there are steelworkers without jobs all across the country right now. So the United States needs to work towards using a used induction furnace in factories across the country!

Approximately 13% of the world’s steel is used in the automotive industry. Each and every year, the automotive industry continues to change and grow. So while this number is not going to stay the same, it is somewhat difficult to tell if ti will trend upwards or downwards. Therefore, it is really important for America to move towards using more and more induction furnaces to create products that Americans use every single day.

In Conclusion

Again, steel is legitimately one of the most important materials across the country. Steel is used for so many different purposes and functions and the importance cannot be overstated. So as steel continues to be important, the United States needs more used induction furnace equipment.

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