A Used Induction Furnace for Sale Can Help Improve The Efficiency of Your Metalworking Businesses

Finding used induction furnaces for sale is quite important, given the cost of a new furnace and the expense and time of the process of induction together. The process of induction is often the greatest focus of your work if you have a metalworking company or other need for steel melting or melting of other metals. Therefore, even a used induction furnace for sale is able to last many years and support the needs of your business.

What is Induction?

Many stages are included, from melting to cooling and hardening, in this very slow process. This varies based on the metal you are melting and the product you are creating, though steel is the most commonly used. With the temperature of induction often working at about 1370 degrees Celsius, steel melting is often quite difficult, though the most common. Other metals are also needed for various industries, but steel is often used for about 13% of the world’s steel is used for automotive parts creation and repair. Additionally, about 17% of American steel is imported from Canada, so either way, there is much to be considered in the different methods for steel induction, import, and export all together.

Required Strength and Reliability of Used Induction Furnaces for Sale

Luckily, when you look for a used induction furnace for sale, you are still able to find the same amount of quality, strength, and reliability as new machines. Anything from gold to copper or steel is melted, and these used furnaces can still do the job. The ability to construct auto parts and others also exists with the use of the used inductotherm induction furnace, especially for classic cars where new parts can no longer be found on the market.

The Best Reasons to Purchase High-Quality Used Induction Furnaces

Finding a used furnace for sale saves cost along with the purchase of a used inductotherm furnace that has been well-refurbished in order to help maintain a long life. The heat of this process leaves a great need for service and maintenance of these furnaces. With the U.S. as the largest steel importer in the world, induction is a very industry as well. Therefore, a used induction furnace for sale is helpful to all metalworking companies across the nation.

Induction Furnaces and Metalworking

Metal induction processes are very slow, with all of the melting and cooling steps included in the creation of various metal parts that take a lot of time from beginning to end. Because these steps need to be completed individually, there is nothing that can really be done to save time, without this being a very efficient or cost-effective process in any manner. With all of these steps, you can melt any of a number of metals, but sometimes there are specific furnaces that are used for a single metal that create more detailed parts from one type of metal. Induction of steel is often for construction frames, while materials like gold require a much more specific process for decorative or luxurious items like jewelry or home decor. Some of the basic furnaces that complete the induction process include:

  • Steel Melting Furnace
  • Gold Melting Furnace
  • Copper Melting Furnace
  • Steel Melting Induction Furnace
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Inductotherm Induction Furnace

Among all of these and others, you have the option to shop for a particular used induction furnace for sale. They melt almost all metals, though some work specifically with a certain material or for the creation of certain parts or working for specific services.

Considering the amount of construction completed in the U.S. annually, we rely greatly on steel and many other metals, even those that come in from around the world. Many induction furnaces can work at varying frequencies, from 50 to 10,000 cycles per second, melting this steel regularly, even if you find a used induction furnace for sale. Given all of this steel, it is basically an industry of its own, for import, processing, and sales on a regular basis. With the U.S. being the largest global importer of steel, about $27 billion enters our nation annually, including almost 90% of Canada’s steel exports.

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