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Fox Business News is considered one of the big players in business news. Currently this news show that emphasizes business from around the world, as well as the United States, boasts 30 news anchors and reports. Well known names include Lou Dobbs, Don Imus, Judge Andre Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, Adam Shapiro, and John Stossel.

Fox Business News covers a wide range of topics including general business news, technology, small business, personal finance, and business leaders. Regular views of this Fox news branch will see reports concerning stock activity and earning indexes. Viewers will hear about the ups and downs in the markets, both in the United States and around the world.

Other stories covered by Fox Business News are how company stocks and earnings react to the activity of that company. For instance, a recent report on Fox Business News examined the impact on Nexflix after receiving bad reviews on the new season of Arrested Development.

While stock earnings may be dry news to some, other embrace it and use Fox business news as a main informational source. Another example of the reporting was an overview by Dennis Kneale concerning the first quarter earnings of Krispy Kreme. The report included a complete examination of the first quarter earnings report from the popular donut company.

The Fox Business Network also provides informative clips that affect the general population. Recently Tanya Marchiol examined the mortgage rate rise, and how that affects homeowners who may want to sell their homes. In another segment, Chris Abeyata and Bill Walton examined retirement strategies and how some people may be sabotaging them.

Fox Business News also presents stories on business leaders. These stories provide insight into how these people do their day to day jobs and how that leadership affects their companies. Leaders and management from some of the biggest corporations have been profiled on Fox Business News. The news team also follows these leaders should they get themselves into trouble either personally or professionally.

As you can see, the reporting by Fox Business News provides a great deal about business in general. You can tune in at anytime and find a story that will pique your interest.

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