Common Indoor Gardening Pests And How You Can Fight Back

indoor gardening suppliesIt can be a challenge to grow your first indoor garden using a hydroponic system. You have to use the right hydroponic lights, the right enzymatic formula, and the right indoor gardening supplies to ensure optimal plant health.

Because setting up your first hydroponic system for indoor gardening can take a good amount of effort (despite these systems using 90% less water than traditional soil farming), the last thing you want to see is pests chewing up your plants. Pests are an unfortunate side effect in most farming systems. However, that doesn’t mean you have let them eat away at your indoor plants.

Here are some of the most common indoor pests to be on the lookout for in your indoor hydroponic system and how you can fight back with the right indoor gardening supplies.

The 3 Most Common Indoor Plant Pests
It’s essential to know your enemy before you can properly take down the pesky insects munching away at your indoor garden. Examine the following common indoor garden pests to determine which ones are destroying your garden:

  • Fungus gnats
    These pests aren’t harmful as adults, but their larvae will eat away at the roots of your plants and can cause plant death or bacterial infection.
  • Aphids
    These pesky pests are also known as plant lice and will suck the juice from your plant’s leaves. This causes the leaves to turn yellow and die.
  • Spider mites
    Spider mites are the most notorious of indoor plant pests because of how efficiently they divide and conquer. Spider mites are incredibly small and can be difficult to detect. Look for webbing and check under the leaves for signs of mite infestation.

How to get rid of pests
Once you’ve identified the face of your pests, it’s time to take action. Consider the following ways to fight back using mite pest control and other indoor gardening supplies:

  • Pest control spray
    Use non-toxic pest control sprays on your plants to do away with your pests. Rhino Skin can actually coat your plants with a sort of armor made of potassium silicate to keep pests and disease from gnawing away at their leaves.
  • Natural predators
    Some indoor gardeners report using the natural predators of pests to get them out of their garden. Consider introducing nematodes into your hydroponic system to sight back against spider mites.
  • Sticky traps
    These traps work well if you’re still unsure as to what type of pest is harming your garden. Be sure to use specific types of cards for specific pests.

Pests can have a detrimental impact on any garden. If you suspect an infestation in your indoor garden, visit the indoor gardening store of Hydro Empire today. No pests should keep you from your hydroponic system.

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