Electric Signs for a Business or School

What does it mean to launch an effective and far-reaching advertisement campaign? A lot of money and time is spent every year to answer that question, and now in the 21st century, research groups often conclude that good marketing campaigns take more than one approach at once. True, the internet is a powerful tool for advertising, with sleek website design, SEO, and social media leading the way, but traditional signs have not been made obsolete. Modern electronic signs for businesses and schools are still effective tools for communication, and plastic and wooden signs are still used by businesses found in strip malls, too. Schools and houses of worship make regular use of electronic signs, such as LED signs, to send messages to relevant parties with ease. It’s a common sight to see school LED signs on a high school’s campus, for example, and these school LED signs can share information about upcoming sports events and much more. How else can digital signs be used?

The Power of Signs

Plenty of surveys and studies can confirm that even in the age of the internet, signs (electric and otherwise) are potent ways to advertise brand names or share messages with people. For example, it is believed that 85% of a typical business’s customers live within a five-mile radius of that business, so signs placed in that area will efficiently spread that brand’s name at all times. A person inside that area may see the brand name 50-60 times per week, plenty of exposure by many standards. Also, a poll showed that 58% of respondents learned about an event they liked after seeing a billboard about it, and the same is true of finding new restaurants to visit. Other statistics show that the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads per year.

Many new businesses are discovered because consumers and pedestrians saw the signs for them, and many consumers agree that a sign’s quality and personality will likely reflect that of the business that owns it. Many people, when they see a high quality and attractive sign, feel encouraged and will visit the business. Conversely, a shoddy, ugly, or confusing sign will attract few guests. New businesses in particular (often small ones) rely on signs to spread awareness of their brand, and they may have a limited online campaign or little word-of-mouth awareness. A sign is often the fastest way to put a new brand on the map, alongside posters and flyers. Even in the internet age, after all, people are going out and about for commuting and leisure, and they’re going to see signs, billboards, posters, and flyers along the way.

Setting Up Electric Signs

There is more than one way to make a sign, and many of today’s signs and display boards are electric, such as school LED signs or signs for a church or synagogue. These school LED signs, for example, are placed prominently on the campus’s front grounds, often near the road, and tend to have flowers or a low brick wall around them to make them even more attractive. Such signs will cost electricity to run, but in return, they are highly flexible since they can be programmed to say just about anything, and the glowing display is eye-catching, especially during low lighting conditions. School signs may send messages about an upcoming sports game, parent-teacher conferences, and tell everyone about schedule changes, such as upcoming snow days or the first or last day of the semester. Similar signs are found at the front grounds of houses of worship.

Other businesses can also make good use of these electronic (often LED) signs as well, anything from bars to computer repair shops to grocery stores or even military recruitment centers. These signs can be propped up in windows for easy display, and they can show animated visuals to catch the eye, or they can present a slideshow of images and thus act as many signs in one. These signs, along with neon signs and displays, are a great idea for nighttime businesses to use, such as clubs, bars, and theaters, when most interested consumers will be out and about during the night. Such signs are easy to see, and stand out in the darkness.

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