Electric Torque Wrench

Hydraulic nut splitter

Industries that involve gas, offshore, mining, and power generation, all rely on hydraulic nuts that operate on an internal hydraulic jack. Hydraulic powered tools are used for projects that can’t be handled with conventional handheld tools. In order to use hydraulic powered tools, hydraulic pumps are needed to provide power. An electric torque wrench is another type of tool that is used for projects that cannot be handled with traditional handheld tools. One type of industry that is heavily reliant on specific torque tensioning demands is the shipyard industry. A bolt tensioner is often used in the shipyard industry, as well as an electric torque wrench. An electric torque wrench is powered on electric hydraulic pumps.

One of the signs that occur when a tool is improperly calibrated is torque bleeding. Improper torque requirements can render hydraulic or electric powered equipment useless. Therefore, the process involved with calibrating tools and equipment is extremely important. The manufacturer of an electric torque wrench is required to provide instructions with the proper procedures needed for proper calibration. Proper calibration is especially important when using tools to tighten high tensile bolt connections. Foundation bolting wasn’t required in the United States until 1949.

The Uniform Building Code didn’t enforce foundation bolting till almost a decade later after the United States adopted the new requirements. If you’re looking for a high quality electric torque wrench, then shopping online is your best option. There are more tools and equipment to choose from online than at local hardware stores. An electric torque wrench can be sold separately or together with other types of tools and equipment. Discounts and savings can be discovered online by some manufacturers that produce electric torque wrenches and other powered tools and equipment. Reading reviews online about an electric torque wrench is a great way to gain additional information about this type of tool.

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