Ensure Safety on a Job Site with the Right Training and Equipment

Chain fittings

One of the main priorities of many job sites is safety, and fall protection training is one of the best ways to ensure that. In addition to proper fall protection training, employees workers also need safety equipment, like lifting chains and chain slings to be as safe as possible. The equipment used today is not as primitive as the chains made from connected metal rings that brought a bucket of water up from a well as early as 225 BC, and is much stronger and more reliable.

Today, chain slings can survive in places like steel mills and foundries where other slings would not, so are the best choice in rugged, demanding conditions. Though they can not replace fall protection training and might not look very similar to the 16th century sketches by Leonardo da Vinci made of what appears to be the first steel chain, their use is likely to be an important part of fall protection training. Shackles, quick links, S hooks, eye bolts, and eye nuts are among the most common types of chain fittings and, if used properly as part of a fall protection program, can prove to be very valuable.

The equipment needed in addition to fall protection training has to be specialized for safety. For instance, the steel bushing chain that has been used on bikes, in early automobiles that used rear wheel drive, and in the propeller of the airplane the Wright Brothers built in 1903 might not work for safety as well as other products like web slings. In order to make a job site safe, having the proper fall protection training and equipment is all but a necessity.

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