How A Fire Safety System Could Save Your Life

Fire sprinkler system design

A fire alarm system is integral to any home or, really, any business at all. A good and well maintained fire alarm system, along with fire sprinkler installation and fire sprinkler inspection, are key to keeping a building and its occupants safe. Though you may not think a fire of catastrophic proportions (or even any fire at all) will happen to you, your home, or your place of business, fires are, in fact, all too common.

Take the hotel and motel industry for example. In each year, hotels and motels around the country sustain nearly 80 million dollars worth of property loss due to fires that, in some cases, could have been prevented with the implementation of a fire alarm system. Every year, these fires in hotels and motels also have a cost in human lives, causing about fifteen deaths annually, as well as around one hundred and fifty injuries of varying degrees of severity. But fire alarm systems should not only be utilized in hotels. Hospitals and other medical facilities too face the danger of a fire on a regular basis. In fact, it has been found that electrical failings and issues account for nearly 20% of all the fires that will occur in a hospital setting, and that confined cooking fires cause more than half of all medical facility fires. There are a number of other common causes of fires, from lack of maintenance to chemical system failure.

Fortunately, however, fire prevention and fire safety can help to lower the number of casualties, property damage, and overall injury. In fact, the implementation of a fire alarm system can reduce all of these unfortunate and tragic outcomes by half, if not more. A fire alarm system will, at its most effective, include fire sprinkler services as well as regular fire sprinkler maintenance and overall fire system maintenance. Regular maintenance can insurance that the system runs as smoothly as possible and prevent any malfunction in a time where it may be needed. A positive impact has already been seen in the case of warehouse fires. There were only 1,200 warehouse fires in 2011, a substantial decrease from 1980, when there where nearly 5,000. This is in part due to better practices of fire safety and fire prevention. A fire safety system is key to preventing and reducing the potentially tragic outcomes of a fire.

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