How to Deliver the Best Boss Award Like the Boss You Are

Graduation plaques

Did you know that most employees would rather be shown more appreciation and recognition for their efforts than receive a pay raise? Perhaps your boss is one of them!

According to this 2013 study discussed by Psychology Today, an impressive 83% of respondents feel that receiving recognition is priceless and “had no dollar value” when compared to rewards or gifts.

Have you shown your boss or manager appreciation lately? Although praise from colleagues and peers can be extremely motivating, surprising your boss with a meaningful gift can go a long way in terms of expressing gratitude.

Not only will your boss appreciate this gesture for several personal and professional reasons, but it’s also important to note that a positive work environment is more likely to be a productive one. So if your boss hasn’t received a best boss award yet, now is the perfect time to deliver. Here are a few fun and unique ways to deliver the best boss award like a true boss:

Time honored

Work anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to deliver best awards! Whether it’s a 10 years service award or 15 years service award, honoring that much time on the job is a great way to show your boss exactly how much you appreciate their dedication. In addition to the standard plaque of appreciation or engraved crystal plaques, why not deliver a best boss award with your entire team? A signed card detailing the impact your boss has made can be especially meaningful when honoring their work anniversary. It’s a simple yet effective way of expressing thanks.

Celebrate good times

Everyone loves a surprise office party, even your boss! Surprise office parties in honor of your boss are a fun way to bring your team together and show appreciation. Your team can all pitch in to cater or order your boss’s favorite food, or you can even do a potluck party in which everyone brings a dish. The point is to bring good people together over good food, and have a good time in honor of all your boss has done for the company. Burrito bar anyone? It’s a fail proof way to say “thank you”.

Think big

Does your boss have a favorite sports team or band? Or perhaps they have a favorite hobby? One of the best ways to give a truly meaningful best boss award is to pool together and buy tickets for your boss. After all, nothing says appreciation like great seats to the big game or concert tickets! Similarly, gift cards can be given as well. When everyone on your team gives a little towards giving best boss awards, it says a lot to your boss, especially when it’s something as thoughtful as tickets or a gift card.

Best boss awards are the best way to show appreciation for a job well done! They’re just one out of many examples that show giving is often better than receiving, and they help to maintain a supportive work environment. What are some other ways you can say thank you to your boss?

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