Keep Your Eyes on the Road, and also on the Objects Around It

When you are driving on the road, how much do you notice about your surroundings. Do you pay attention to all of the traffic signage? Do you see where there are guardrail installations to protect you from things such as dropoffs and oncoming traffic? While you need to watch out for distractions behind the wheel, it’s hard not to notice the things that are in your surroundings. The key is not to get distracted and focus on one thing too long so that you take your eyes off the road. Here are some of the objects you might encounter in your field of vision while you are behind the wheel.

Road signage of all shapes and signs is something you are going to see constantly while driving. This includes fixed signs such as traffic signs and billboards, as well as temporary signs. You may see mobile signs that government agencies use to inform or warn you about road changes. Businesses also use mobile signs along roadways to advertise. It’s a very effective practice, as research shows that more than one-third of people look at every single roadside ad they pass. The rate is even higher when it comes to billboards, with seven out of every 10 people reporting that they pay attention to the messages on billboards.

Things like guardrail installations and roadway striping may not be as intrusive on your driving focus, but they can attract your eye, and in many cases they should. Road striping and parking lot striping often is there to provide direction of where you need to go and in which lane you need to be driving, so it is important to pay attention to. Guardrails and other road barriers show you where there may be danger, so you need to make sure you see them and heed them. Though guardrails don’t typically stand out, they aren’t hard to miss, either, because they are required to be more than three feet high.

Driving is a delicate dance between being focused on the road but also paying attention to your surroundings. The key is to be alert and pay attention to things such as signs and road markings, while not focusing too much on those things and getting distracted. People who can master that skill are likely to be much better drivers.

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