Maintaining Privacy Is an Increasingly Difficult Task in Many Areas

Lifeguarding was your summer job in college. It consisted of a lot of blowing your whistle at deck runners and sitting in the sun. Once in a while you would jump in to rescue a sputtering swimmer, but most days were kind of laid back in the shade. Or at least that is what it looked like to your friends who were not lifeguards.

In reality, this is also what you did:

  • Two hours of pool cleaning.
  • Four hours of teaching swimming lessons.
  • 30 to 45 minutes of swimming so you could prove to the managers that you were always in shape and ready to respond.
  • 20 minutes every hour of picking up trash.
  • 45 minutes of cleaning locker rooms.
  • Untold number of minutes straightening pool deck chairs.

Six hours of sitting in the sun is what your friends saw, but you were also very busy when doing far less glamorous things.

The Work Behind the Job Is Often More Mundane Than Most Would Imagine

Whether you had your first job as a lifeguard of a pool or a receptionist at a dental office, it is likely that you had a list of daily tasks that were less than glamorous. And as many young workers are employed at entry level positions in offices across the country, it is likely that the use of a secure paper shredder is one of the more mundane tasks they are assigned. Certainly important, the task of working a few hours every day with an industrial shredder machine is part of many kinds of job descriptions. The latest high security paper shredders, however, are so big that they are actually contained in large trucks that are driven to a site at a specified time. Even as more and more companies move to more digital records, every business still has paper documents that require the use of secure paper shredders.

Consider some of these facts and figures about secure paper shredder industry and the role that it continues to play in our world:

  • Top executives from 300 companies ranked the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing businesses today.
  • There were an estimated 16.7 million victims of identity fraud in the year 2017 alone.
  • One of the most alarming statistics is that nearly 24% of consumers only discovered they were a victim of identity fraud by accident.
  • 40% of consumers claim that they would stop doing business with a company or brand if that business previously suffered a breach in security. Unfortunately, this means that there are very few businesses that would earn the business of most consumers.
  • As many as 30% of consumers admit that they fail to shred documents containing sensitive information before throwing them out.
  • Likewise, 49% of consumers think that their security habits make them vulnerable to identity theft or other information frauds.
  • A 2018 study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration discovered that nearly 50% of Internet users in the U.S. refrained from online activities due to privacy and security concerns, with identity theft cited as their top concern. As a result, the protection of real paper documents and online data continues to be priority for many companies.

Behind the scenes of many jobs lie a list of tasks that most of us ever think about. The fact of the matter is, however, just as cleaning and training are important to lifeguards, so, too, are the important tasks of shredding documents to many receptionists. The careful destruction of some records is so important, in fact, that many companies hire secure paper shredder companies to come onsite once a month to make sure that this task is handled as efficiently and securely as possible. In a digital age when many of us put our identity at risk when we do business online, it is also important to remember the importance of shredding paper documents that can also contain important personal information. With very specific rules for privacy and the importance of shredding in place, however, many businesses can protect their customers and clients. Although it may not seem like a very glamorous part of any job, the careful destruction of personal records is a very important service provided by companies.

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