Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Services for Safer and Healthier Cleaning

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Have you struggled to find janitorial services that meet your expectations in the past? You may have gone through one or two different companies already without getting the results you wanted. Cleanliness should be a top priority for anyone who owns an office building. That means doing the research to find the best company to keep your space clean using the right kind of products. The job is only done correctly when the best products are used.

Interested in learning more about what to expect from a top quality janitorial service? Keep reading for more information about why you should hire green janitorial services to clean your office space.

What to Expect From Your Cleaning Service

There?s nothing wrong with having high expectations for anyone you hire to work for your company. In fact, it?s best to expect more from employees rather than setting low standards. You want to encourage those who work for you to work hard, meet standards, and exceed expectations over time. The same can be said for anyone who works for you rather it?s the CEO of the company or cleaning services. Being straightforward and upfront about the job tasks at the beginning can help keep everyone on track.

There are a variety of ways to know whether your cleaning service is doing their job properly. You can start with the bathroom at your office space. An easy way to tell if proper attention is given to this space is to check and see if things have been stocked and refilled. If any of the stalls are out of toilet paper or there are no paper towels, it is unlikely that the cleaning services did their job. The same can be said if the soap dispensers are empty or there is noticeable dirt and grime on mirrors, handles, or the toilet seat. Nearly 12% of people claimed they were dissatisfied when a bathroom wasn?t properly stocked. Make sure your cleaning services make this a priority.

It?s just as important to make sure that desk space is cleaned regularly by a professional service. Although you can ask your employees to keep their space clean and remove dirty dishes from their desk, this doesn?t mean the space is actually bacteria-free. In comparison to a toilet seat, a dirty desk can be 400 times more dirty with bacteria. This is one way that employees can frequently get sick causing them to miss work. More often than not, workers are nervous they will get sick from bacteria at work. Help ease their anxieties by making sure their spaces are thoroughly cleaned.

Why Green Janitorial Services Are Best

Another way to know that you are hiring a cleaning services company that cares about getting the job done the right way is checking to see what products they use. You always want to make sure to only allow green janitorial services in your office space. Chemical cleaning products are very dangerous for humans and to the environment. If they can be avoided, it is best to keep them away from your office and your home.

One reason chemical cleaning products aren?t good to use is that they increase air pollution levels. This happens both indoors and outdoors. It may be surprising, but when chemical cleaning products are used, indoor air pollution levels are often 100 times higher than the pollution levels outside. You don?t want to force your employees to work in a toxic environment like that. Since only 30% of these chemical cleaning products have been tested for how they affect human health and the environment, it?s easy to discount them and switch to green cleaning products instead.

Don?t risk your health, your employees? health, or the environment by sticking with cheaper and dangerous chemical cleaning products. Hire green janitorial services to properly and safely clean your office space on a regular basis.

Are you going to switch cleaning services to make sure that your office space is safely cleaned? Do you use green cleaning products at your home, too? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on different types of cleaning services and products.

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