Temp Agencies and Employee Retention Boost a Company

A company has many assets and factors to juggle, from its building to computers to fax machines to its monthly and quarterly budgets. But the most vital one of all is the people who work there, the employees. A prospective worker needs a way to find the right office and job for him/her, and employers are always on the prowl for fresh new talent with relevant skills and personal skills. These two separate parties can come together through third parties such as temp services or staffing services, and staffing your team doesn’t have to be a long, tedious slog of paperwork. Anywhere, from Portland to Los Angeles to Arlington can make use of these temporary agencies to bring employers and employees together. Temp agencies in Arlington can help local Virginians, and other cities such as Chicago, Illinois or San Francisco, California can do the same for local residents.

The Work of a Temp Agency

Temp services in Arlington, Miami, or anywhere else are the middle men between job seekers and employers who need new personnel on board. According to Job Unlocker, a temp agency screens many different people to match them with jobs, and quantity is something to emphasize at this stage of job seeking. Temporary employment is found when a job seeker first completes an interview with a staffing specialist, typically bringing his/her resume and anything else relevant, then gets matched with employers. The transition of temporary to permanent jobs is possible: if the hiring company decides to promote a temp worker to full-time, the human resources department will contact the appropriate temp agency and inform them of this. Temp services in Arlington, Dallas, or anywhere else may hear this all the time.

Promoting a Good Workplace

Temp agencies and recruiting agencies carry out the first step of getting a new employee on board, but beyond that, there is more work to be done. A disagreeable or unproductive work environment could drive away temps or new employees, and employers will need ways to boost their employee retention. If the company’s most valuable assets (the people) leak away, what is the company to do? Employers can use a number of ways to prevent this.

Plenty of employers recognize this problem. About 46% of human resources workers say that employee retention is their biggest concern, and 57% of companies agree that it is a problem, partly because of the cost. Every year, $11 billion total is lost to employee turnover, and no company wants to lose money like that. However, employee recognition programs can address this issue and prevent problems, and 86% of companies say that such programs boost workers’ happiness.

What can a company do to boost worker satisfaction? Temp services in Arlington and other places can only put employees in seats; the employers have to make them want to stay there. According to Forbes, employers have several options to consider. For one thing, competitive benefits can keep workers happy beyond their salary itself, such as dental and health benefits, or a plan for retirement savings. The workplace could also have a warm ambiance: physically, good lighting and ventilation are a good start, along with a culture that values people’s insights, needs, and inputs into the community. A workplace that puts people first could retain employers much better than one that does not. Recognizing accomplishments of the employees, even temp workers, can boost confidence and a feeling of value among employees, not to mention offering mentoring and training programs for new hires.

Temp services in Arlington and beyond make sure that the right person gets the right job for the right skills, but it is up to the employer to take care of the rest, and provide the best possible workplace community for everyone.

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