Three Reasons Fox News May Be for You

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On June 1, 1980, according to David Goodloe of Open Salon, the tradition of 24 hour news cycles began. On that day, Ted Turner launched what was then known as “Cable News Network”. Today, that media giant is known as CNN.

CNN may have been the first but since its inception it has not stayed the best. Indeed, as NewsBusters points out, CNN has been replaced as the top dog in the fight by another media giant; Fox News. Fox News is on top because of three of the topics which are arguably its main focal points; Politics, Business, and National news.

  • National News
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    One of the things people like most about Fox News is its coverage of issues that are important to the American people. Many feel that other outlets, like MSNBC and CNN, are too interested in how other nations feel about the news. Fox, on the other hand, offers the American perspective and gives voice to its fears and hopes. The opinions of real Americans on issues like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and whistle-blowing altogether are talked about here in a way they are not elsewhere. This is just one of many reasons why, according to TV by the Numbers, Fox programming continues to outrank all others by at least 1,000 points in every time slot.

  • Business
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    America was founded with the ideas of laissez-faire capitalism running through its national bloodstream. It is our approach to business and a free market that made us the dominant power of the 20th century. Fox Business News believes in reporting news affecting the American economy and the businesses that make it go in a fair, balanced way. While all other media outlets are reporting how great the American economy is doing, Fox News is reporting the truth in articles pointing out the indisputable facts of the economy’s shrinking under the Obama administration.

  • Politics
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    Fox News is likely most well known for its political coverage. They cover each event fairly and with an open-mind. For instance, during the debates leading up to the 2012 election, the station was not afraid to call out Mitt Romney when he was not acting like a viable candidate. When President Obama was making good points they were pointing it out. This balanced honesty carries over to their coverage of today’s big issues. What is the U.S. doing to help Syria? What is the government doing to help its own citizens? They ask the important questions.

For those looking for a fair, balanced approach to news, you only need to look toward Fox News. There you can get honest reporting on politics, business, and national issues that you will not find elsewhere. Unless you like being fed rose-colored lies, this is your best bet.

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