What You Should Know About The Importance Of Labeling

When it comes to buying a product, the packaging and labeling can have a tremendously impactful role in the rate of sales that are seen surrounding any given product. From high gloss inkjet labels to transfer labels to zebra printer labels, all kind of labeling matters. After all, labels very much inform the buying decisions of many a customer, of most of them, as the data has shown.

For one thing, labels like high gloss inkjet labels (but including all other labels too, of course) must be informative to the point that the customer in question can learn what they are looking to learn from said label. This is particularly important for food packaging, for which more than 60% of all customers, nearly two thirds of them, read labels on all packaging that they consider buying. And with as much as 85% of the shopping population using these labels like high gloss inkjet labels to make their final purchasing decisions, it is clear to see that what is included on these labels must be carefully curated.

When it comes to the high gloss inkjet labels and primera labels and all other labels used for food packaging, nutritional information is absolutely key. This nutritional information can help customers to make healthy food choices, especially when there are many foods that might seem healthy at first pass but actually are not very healthy at all – or are only healthy when consumed in moderation. For many people, looking at the sugar content found on the nutritional labeling is very important, especially when it comes to added sugars. In fact, nearly one quarter of all people pay close attention to sugar content, with an additional one fourth also paying attention to serving size, as serving size itself can also often be deceptive and can inform the nutritional standing of the entire item.

And the impact of food labeling, such as has been created by high gloss inkjet labels and many other types of labels, has already been seen in how people make food decisions. As a matter of fact, a study conducted by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University has concluded that this is very much the case. The results of this study showed that cutting down on unhealthy foods occurred at a rate of 13% when food labeling was clear and present on food products. Through the ability to read and digest these high gloss inkjet labels and the like, making an informed decision about food and food products and healthy consumption of said food products became more clear and easier to enact than ever.

Of course, nutritional information, as important and influential as it is, is not the only important aspect of high gloss inkjet labels as they are used for food products. The design of said labels also plays a hugely important role here as well. When a label is eye catching, after all, it is much more likely to draw the attention of any given customer, something that is more essential now than ever. This is largely due to the fact that there are now so many different projects competing with one another, what with more than 20,000 being found just in the typical supermarket.

The color of high gloss inkjet labels is also very important. As a matter of fact, this can be said for all labels. This is because certain colors are particularly eye catching, making them ideal for use by different brands and to market different products. And the research done into this subject is, like other research mentioned in this article, very convincing. In fact, specific colors used for specific brands has even been found to increase overall brand recognition by as much as a full 80%, which is no small amount by any standards, to say the every least on the subject.

At the end of the day, the use of high gloss inkjet labels and other products used for labeling are very multi faceted. Ultimately, labeling plays a hugely important role in everything from the transparency of a product to its memorability and ability to stand out in a sea of other products, especially amongst very similar products. Ultimately, these high gloss inkjet labels matter immensely.

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