When and Why to Get an Office Phone Booth

A modern American office is a place where an employee should be productive and get a lot of work done, and an office will have everything that they need. An employee may get a desk and computer, access to filing cabinets and a copier, a phone, and more. Some offices have cubicles, and others are co op office spaces with shared room. But a modern office may also have some features that a modern employee does not want, such as noisy distractions or bad air quality. An office is not a quiet place, especially not where sales are concerned. Despite the rise of the Internet as a means of communication, speaking on the phone is still very much relevant, and many employees in the office will be using their phones for work. This makes for a noisy and distracting environment that will have a negative and a very real impact on a given worker’s performance. So, installing soundproof tech such as an office phone booth may be helpful. A soundproof office booth may be installed when a manager asks contractors to put it there, and to build a phone booth is to make a worker more productive once inside.

Why a Soundproof Phone Booth is Needed

Putting an office phone booth right there in the office may sound silly at first, but in fact a phone booth office space may do a lot of good right away. What is the problem? Modern offices have a lot of noise, mainly from other employees who are using their phones for making sales calls, contacting business clients or partners, and more. That, and in-person conversations which may or may not be about work, and the noise of a coffee grinder in the break room or even traffic outside. Many studies have shown that workplace distractions are very harmful for a worker’s productivity, and it may be an issue for whoever is on the other end of the line, too. Making sales and providing customer support over the phone is common, but noisy work environments may cause both parties to mishear each other and ask to repeat themselves. This may soon get annoying for customers and clients over the phone, who may get a bad impression of the business and might even stop doing business with them entirely. Studies show that often, just one instance of bad customer service may cause a customer to quit dealing with that company. These reasons and more are why office phone booths can be put in.

Installing an Office Phone Booth

Meanwhile, other studies have shown that installing an office phone booth can go a long way toward cutting down workplace distractions and the ill effects of all that noise. Contractors may be hired to install one or more such phone booths in the office, and once in place, a worker may go into them and get some work done, especially by phone. Such booths tend to be small but will have a phone in addition to a seat and a desk space for work. These phone booths may eliminate over 50% of all workplace sounds, and that can do a lot of good. Working in this quiet environment may boost a worker’s concentration by as much as 48%, a huge increase. That, in turn, leads to employees making 10% fewer work errors, and the employee saves time by not having to correct so many errors. What is more, an employee’s stress levels may go down 27% or so while working in a soundproof phone booth, and lower stress can have many beneficial effects. The employee will be more patient and cheerful when on the phone with customers, and without noisy distractions, the employee can provide excellent customer service. This helps prevent the expensive problem of losing customers, and that may reflect in the company’s profits.

A similar idea is to simply work from home. Some employees set up a home office so that they avoid all workplace distractions, and they can also dedicate their commute time to extra work. Remote employees get a quiet environment to concentrate and make good phone calls, and a solid Internet connection allows them to access e-mail and the company’s Cloud data storage.

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