Why Hop Up Displays Are The Hottest Tradeshow Trend Right Now

Fabric displays

One of the most fascinating trends in the tradeshow business recently has been the evolution of hop up displays, which are high tension displays made from fabric that literally hop up and into place after you open them. They have a distinct look to them, drawing more attention than the traditional tradeshow mini table display or literature rack, and they are even more portable than even the most portable trade show display out there.

Hop up displays are similar in nature to retractable banner stands because they require very little effort on your part to open and close them. Thus, you can greatly reduce your set up and take down time at a tradeshow by investing in hop up displays. And you simultaneously can broaden the appeal of your fabric displays by giving them real pop.

Just like with other displays that are usually related to the tradeshow market, hop up displays can be 100 percent customized to have your icon, your company logo, and whatever wording you want on the display. You can customize these displays just like you would any other form of display, but you likely would be one of just a few of tradeshow booths at a show that have come out ahead on this trend. By the time you have yours set up and are attracting a crowd, your competitors will be scrambling to get their own hop up displays to get more people to come to their booths as well.

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