Why Shipping Containers Make the Perfect Pop Up Shop

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One of the newest trends in American economics is the pop-up shop. These temporary stores are being used by ambitious self-starters and entrepreneurs as well as by big brand names. Many of these pop-up shops begin when people buy used shipping containers, then outfit them with custom modifications to turn them into the perfect venue for their special projects. Interested? Read on for more!

  • Why would anyone buy used shipping containers for a store? That’s a good question. It’s because they make cheap, mobile, adaptable, durable space for everything from a portable office to a pop-up store to specialty stores. Taken care of well, Container Auction says that shipping containers can last 20 years. They are economical because there are so many of them. Currently, the world has 17 million of them, but only six million are actually in regular use.
  • Is there any other upside if I buy used shipping containers for my shop? You’re also helping the environment. These reused storage containers are about 3,500 kg worth of steel that doesn’t have to be recycled. Using them also saves all the building materials, like bricks and wood, that would otherwise go into making your space. They’re big, too. A standard container holds 3,500 shoe boxes worth of stuff, and 40 foot shipping container cube holds more than 8,000.
  • Why are used shipping containers being used for pop-up shops in particular? Their portability and expandability are a big reason for their popularity. They provide an inexpensive way to start up or to test the launch of a new product, or even just to raise brand awareness. They’re also cheap and easy to modify. Possible storage container modifications include adding doors, windows, and skylights. They can be locked or have shelving put in. They can be painted, and it’s simple to put in climate control to make the container pop up shop more comfortable.
  • Do people buy used shipping containers mainly for shops? They are also used for storage and office space, but there are some pretty creative and unusual uses for these versatile containers. You can see them in malls, as breweries, as mini-restaurants, and even wedding chapels! They can be modified in such a way that you’d never know their original purpose.

Buy used shipping containers and you’ve got a safe, economical, portable, modifiable way to make an open-space concept for your pop-up design idea. Look for used shipping containers for sale in your area and start dreaming!

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