Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Insulating Choice

Insulation is crucial to any building, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program has estimated that the monthly energy bills for nearly any building could be cut by as much as 20% just by properly sealing air leaks and adding the right insulation. When over half the energy used in American homes goes towards heating and cooling, it’s important for all of us to have our homes well insulated.

About 40% of the energy loss that a building experience comes from poor air filtration, and the United States is the second greatest consumer of energy in the world, after China. In 2016 we used over 2,200 million metric tons of oil alone. Thankfully, solutions exist to help mitigate energy loss and protect our buildings against it. One of the best is the many spray foam insulation products on the market.

  • What is spray foam insulation? If you’re unfamiliar with this spray foam insulation products, it’s time you got familiar because it out-performs other types of insulation. Spray foam insulation products come in two types: open call and closed cell. Open cell is denser, gives good sound dampening, and is less expensive than closed cell spray foam kits. Closed cell is less dense and is really the best of the spray foam insulation products.
  • Spray foam insulation products work better than other types of insulation. This is because it expands, tightly sealing every opening and cranny that other types of insulation would leave exposed. Air-tight seals are the biggest reason for high energy bills, and spray insulation has been proven to be 24 times more resistant to air loss than any other types.
  • Spray foam insulation products create a barrier to moisture. Get a spray foam rig and use it everywhere that moisture might get in. Water and moisture can come right through cracks and holes, and spray foam is impermeable to water. This is amazing in two ways. First, it means you’ll experience less rot and damage due to the gradual seeping of moisture during floods. Second, it means that, unlike other forms of insulation, spray foam won’t absorb all the water after a flood.
  • Spray foam insulation products work to keep down mold and mildew. The inert polymer coming out of that spray foam rental gives mold and bacteria nothing to eat, so they are better resistors of mildew and mold than any other type of insulation.
  • Spray foam insulation products last a long time. The lifespan on spray insulation is essentially indefinite, and this means a lot of savings over the years because there’s no need to re-insulate. This also makes spray foam insulation products very eco-friendly. They not only reduce energy consumption in a building, but they also protect against mold and last so long that the result is far less consumed material.

Spray foam insulation products are the best choice for keeping your building or home in safe from moisture and energy efficient. The good news is that it’s simple to find spray foam insulation equipment rental providers, so a more energy-efficient and well-insulated home is just a phone call away.

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